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The 7 Habits

No description

Moaz Abdelradi

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of The 7 Habits

The 7 Habits Being Proactive Being Proactive is about you being do stuff without being asked you line up for computers before the teacher asks you. When you are bored Dont just complain go and find something to do.If you are in a group and you sat on a circle there are two circles. One circle is bringing in positive people so now it get bigger ides. The pther group has ngative people so their ideas would become small.So that just means cicl of positive people gets bigger a circle of negative people shrinks Begin with the end in mind Begin with the end in mind is about PLanning things bfore you do it set a goa for your self Put first things first You put the most important stuff first if you have a homework and you want to play video games or fool around with something tha you just found,Do your homework first it is importrant. Think Win Win You have to be fair while you are playing. Even if you took a bet to win a game and you have your teammate that doesent play very well let them out to play even if that means that you wil lose the bet it doesent matter you should let them play who knows maybe thn theuy will be a good player after all just have fun.If you work hard you will get what you want Seek First to understand It is all about that you listen with your heart and your eyes dont just listen wuth your ears. Synergize Synergize is about team work we should all work together. If you played against a rally good team at soccer and you are not a very good team and when you play you are losin cause other people know that they are going to lose anyway and they are goofing around tell them to play and everybody should do what they are good at and we can win and dont be surprised if you win cause everybody is using what they are good at Sharpen the Saw Sharpen the saw is about you balancing your life dont just play all the time or sleep all the time you need to balance your daily life. Daily you have to use your mind,body,soul. Mind pick the right thing to do. Body go exercise for about 15 minutes daily. Soul go relax and do the right thing to relax and clear your mind to end your day. Your heart do the stuff that hen you do them you enjoy them My favorite habit My favorite habit is habit #6 Synergize. Since tht tie we have been cooperating and working together. We were paying together with grade 5/6 in OUR soccer field since we did not have our soccer ball so there was only soccer ball. But we finally synergized and played with that one ball. l
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