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Nike and Mercurial Vapor

No description

juan gonzalez

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Nike and Mercurial Vapor

Double click anywhere & add an idea Strengths Stong Brand Image Strong Supplier Base Strong Growth in Asia and Americas Strong Liquidity Weakness Opportunities Threats Strong Brand Name Strong Supplier Base Strong Growth in Asia and Americas Strong Liquidity Allegation of Sweatshop Seasonal Nature of the Business Enviromental Concerns Growth E-Retail Industry "Affordable footwear Act" New Product Launch Expanding into new Sports Counterfeit Product Suffering U.S economy Defamation through certain actions Competitors Mercurial Vapor Superfly II Cristiano Ronaldo What are the Mercurial Vapor Superfly II? Newest Nike boot
Most advanced boot on the market

Yet,...they are more

ICON Trademark of innovation Flywire Carbon fibre chasis Inteligent studs Generation Y and Tween Demographic Male ? High Income Psychographic
Self-Concept Lifestyle Benifits Traction Weight Material Loyalty Shoes have character The Marketing Mix PRODUCT Fulfills Marketing Issues Unique Brand Family Adds Value Price Penetration Pricing
Premium Pricing Strategy €375 Price Skimming? Place Maximises Distribution Channels Sells Products Directly Internet Subsidiaries Promotion Sponsors Advertisements PR Target Market Positioning Map Competitive Advantage Quality and Innovation Product lines Online marketing Supply Chain Total 90 Superfly II Product
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