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Net Neutrality

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Jackie P

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Net Neutrality

Presented by:
Jacqueline Pelaez
Jonathan Freeman
Tristan Valentino Kevin Banahan
Justin Somerville What is Net Neutrality? Freedom
No Restrictions Pros and Cons For ISPs There are two approaches to this topic
Speed/Access Manipulation
Content Manipulation
An Increased Burden on ISPs The majority of today’s traffic is rather bandwidth-intensive
*note that this graph makes it seem as if there is no change in the number of users
An “Easy Out” Not to anyone’s surprise, a VERY minimal amount of P2P traffic is legal…
The ISP’s simple solution: “Lets go after p2p users, what they’re doing is illegal anyway…”
Comcast: A Perfect Example In 2007 Comcast, a large ISP, started to block, or at least throttle p2p traffic.
Their traffic gets prioritized, with guess who at the back end…
The FCC attempted to intervene.… “As of October 1, 2008, data usage above 250 Gigabytes ("GB") per month per Comcast High-Speed Internet residential customer account is considered excessive.”
“If you exceed more than 250 GB, you may receive a call from the Customer Security Assurance ("CSA") team to notify you of excessive use.  At that time, we will tell you exactly how much data you used.  When we call you, we try to help you identify the source of excessive use and ask you to moderate your usage, which the vast majority of our customers do voluntarily.  If you exceed 250GB again within six months of the first contact, your service will be subject to termination and you will not be eligible for either residential or commercial internet service for twelve (12) months.”
Comcast claims that their imposed limit would not affect “99%” of their users

Funnily enough, they just launched an online backup service which isn’t waived…
What This Gets You The PR department for companies who take part in tactics like these claim that they’re saving the majority of users at the expense of the very few.
This saves large amounts of money on their end.
I’d probably do much the same if I was in their shoes…
Content Manipulation WikiLeaks.org Wikileaks has put the spotlight on the government’s ability to intervene on the web

I’d imagine ISPs don’t care about these developments too much (at least in this country). Freedom
Equality Net Neutrality:what it means for ConsumersNet Neutrality:what it means for Consumers Market Competitiveness and Motivation Honesty
Eliminates the potential for Web activities to be illegal

Therefore, there are no laws to break

This suppresses peoples’ rebellious impulses, allowing regulators not to have to expend effort “catching” said “rebels” Implications for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Under Net Neutrality, ISPs like Verizon, AT&T, Comcast would still be responsible for managing congestion and allocating limited resources

Some feel costs should be allocated proportionally to bandwidth usage Maintenance of Access and Quality for Consumers Current Network Neutrality News

FCC loses appeals court case, rejecting the authority of the FCC to enforce network neutrality 4/6/2010

Glenn Beck, a talk show host, compares network neutrality to "fairness doctrine" that will require websites to spend equal time on both sides of an issue. 11/22/2010

Verizon calls for US government to completely rewrite the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to support new broadband and wireless technologies; give single government agency clear jurisdiction.

Network Neutrality to be addressed by the FCC on Dec 21

Comcast charges Netflix carrier extra to deliver content to users (11/29/10) NET NEUTRALITY NET NEUTRALITY:
CONSUMERS Introduction Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Genachowski : “The Internet has been an unprecedented platform for speech and democratic engagement, and a place where the American spirit of innovation has flourished.”(December 1, 2010)

President Obama: commitment to “keep the Internet as it should be – open and free”
Positive Qualities Internet
Provides for Consumers
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Genachowski’s key points Internet Stimulates Economic Growth
Small Business Start-Ups have accounted for 22 million new jobs over the past 15 years
Fosters Innovation, creativity for all Consumers’ Rights Transparency: Information about broadband services; disclosure of network management policies

Utilizing any legal applications, services of their choice without interference

No unreasonable discrimination by ISPs in transmitting lawful network traffic

Companies’ financial interests should not adversely affect services for consumers

ISPs need not be converted to telecommunications services for the sole purpose of regulation

Companies like Skype and other Voice-Over-Internet Protocols (VOIPs) should maintain minimum quality-of-service standards NET nEU NET NU Poll Results Many people who have not heard of network neutrality.

People who have heard of network neutrality willing to accept certain exceptions. Example- Prioritizing VOIP traffic.

Poll respondents almost evenly split on giving a government agency authority to enforce network neutrality.

Most respondents believed network neutrality should apply to wireless networks. AT&T and VoIP What about ISPs that have a rather diversified offering of services?

AT&T not only offers broadband internet access, but also offers landline and cell phone service.

Without Net Neutrality, they'd be able to throttle your VoIP traffic(or stop it all together). Net Neutrality Laws · Information service versus telecommunication service

· Established ground rules

· Guaranteed consumer freedoms

Net Neutrality Laws · Net Neutrality in the United States

· Net Neutrality abroad

· Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Net Neutrality Laws · Examples of service regulation

· Recent cases and developments

HOW? 1. Go to www.savetheinternet.com
2. Click on "Act Now"
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