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Cara Frost

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Nutella


Biography of Pietro Ferrero, the creator of
Why is
so famous?
Where can you buy
Where is
Mainly Produced?
You can find Nutella in Woolworthes, IGA's and most food stores like your local corner shop, but not all grocery shops sell nutella such as Aldi but most shops do sell nutella as a product. Nutella can also be bought online at Woolworthes (AUS) and Walmart (US).


Price of Nutella at Woolworthes, AUS:
$3.49 - 220g, $1.59/100g
$5.04 - 400g, $1.26/100g
$8.16 - 750g, $1.09/100g

Price of Nutella at Walmart, US:
$3.48 - 13 oz (368g)
$6.42 - 26 oz (749g)
Nutella is so popular and yet famous because of its unique taste and combination of chocolate, cocoa butter and hazelnuts.

Nutella was first noticed and became popular when Pietro came up with an activity or service called "Smearing", this meant that children could go to their local shops or bakery (Within the piedmont region) with a piece of bread and there would be someone there with a big loaf of Supercrema Gianduja or Nutella and would smear it onto the piece of bread. This "activity" helped and fed alot of families because of the huge shortage of food and supplies due to the first world war, At this time it was six times cheaper and more popular than chocolate.

Nutella is now said to be a quick, easy way to get kids into eating wholegrains. Nutella has no artificial colours or flavours, this may be the reason why so many parents buy it and give it to their kids as well as eat it themselves, it has a great taste lots of energy and has a smooth, soft texture making it easy to eat and digest. it is also a great ingredient to add to a brownie recipe or a desert, it can be used in so many different ways!
A Nutella and pastery scroll
Nutella Factories are found all over the world but the main production factories cover different parts and areas.

For America, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and surrounding islands:
Brantford, Ontario Canada.
For Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania e.t.c:
Lithgow, NSW, and has been producing Nutella since the late 1970's.
For Northern Europe e.t.c:
Standtallendorf, Germany, since 1956
For Eastern Europe, South Eastern Europe, South Africa, Turkey, Czech republic, Slovakia (excluding France and Italy).
For France
Villers- Ecalles, France
For Northern Italy,
Alba, Piedmont.
For Southern Italy,
Sant Angelo dei lombardi, Campania.

Why did I choose
I chose Nutella for this cultural assignment because I use Nutella on regular basis on my toast, on my sandwiches and even just by itself. It's chocolate like taste made it more popular than vegimite for me, So I wanted to know a bit more about it and I thought that this assignment was great opportunity to know the history and background of something that I eat all the time. I didn't know that Nutella was italian before I did this assignment so when I found out I was really surprised and even more suprised when I found that the company Ferrero that made Nutella also created the beautiful Ferrero Rocher chocolate. I now know so much more about Pietro and his family, His Company Ferrero and his wonderful creation, Nutella.
Michele ferrero
Pietro Ferrero was and still is the creator of Nutella as well as many other chocolates and confectioneries such as Ferrero Rocher, Tic Tac's and Kinder Surprise.

Pietro Ferrero was born on the 22nd of september in 1898, He died on the 22nd of March in 1949 aged only 51 due to a heart attack. Pietro was born, raised and lived in the region of Piedmont (North west of Italy, next to France). Pietro owned a popular bakery in Alba, this is where he created Supercreama Gianduja which was later called Nutella. Pietro's region was already very well known for its production of hazelnuts.

Pietro had one child, a son named Michele Ferrero. Michele inherited the Ferrero company/Business after the death of his father, Pietro Ferrero in 1949. It was Michele who changed the name from Supercrema Gianduja to Nutella later after he inherited the company. Michele also had a son, he named him Pietro Ferrero jr. in honour to his father Pietro Ferrero (snr).
Pietro's (snr) grandson (Pietro Ferrero jr.) died on the 18th of April 2011 at the age of 48 due to a cycling accident.
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Pietro Ferrero Jr.
Supercrema Gianduja
Thank You.

By Cara Frost
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