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Talk on medical innovation

Martin Farrier

on 27 June 2012

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Transcript of Innovation

innovation when we all think alike no one is thinking It's easy to come up with new ideas; the hard part is letting go of what worked for you two years ago, but will soon be out of date CHANGE
We are continuously changing anyway
we have political financial and practical pressures
there are better ways of doing things " " So far we
asked for your suggestions
offered you £300k
Outcomes has been small scale, and we havent spent much money We had intended to change the world We need more ideas The plan:
Focus on areas of particular importance where there are already indications of innovation Readmissions Introducing technology 24/7 Health Economy Technology Readmision Importance:
Quality of care
Bed occupancy

"getting it right first time" We know

Frail Patients
Chronic disorder Patients

get readmitted What might the future include?

Virtual wards?
Better discharge?
Better prediction of death? Current Technology Work:
Bed Management
Diagnostic inbox
E Prescribing
Senior review tracking What could we do if we had 24/7 healthcare?
25% more operations
25% more investigations
Better throughput
Planned admissions when patients want them

25% more work, with no more buildings or infrastructure costs What would it cost?
More people
Would they work weekends for days off in the week?
Could you do less during the week?
It wouldnt cost 25% more, but does the healthcare economy want more work done?

Saving £2billion will take radical thinking.
This is radical. Bed management: E prescribing:
Go live in 18 months
Currently in development
Will need major clinical input Diagnostic inbox:

Results delivered to people who ordered them
More reliable reviews
Fewer missed results
Less paper printing
Better team communication

This is ready to be trialled now.
Volunteers needed to do the clinical work to get this working correctly so it can be rolled out Readmissions Audit
48% of readmissions were "avoidable" Avoidable Causes:
System problems (recurrent symptoms, cavendish unit, falls, waiting for treatments)
Palliative care problems Inevitable:
Most were COPD and dementia / frail elderly
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