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The Play : scenes 1 + 2

No description

Frédéric Chassot

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of The Play : scenes 1 + 2

Tennessee Williams
Scene 1 -> exposition
Symbolism and imagery
Questions and activities
Settings and characters
Elissei & Frédéric
The Play : Scenes 1 + 2
Scene 2 -> rising action
Period of time
1 -> present
2 (memory) -> past
Late 1930's
Economic crisis
Rise in importance of the fascists
Lot of trouble + make people anxious about future
Place : St Louis
Cheap apartment
like our "HLM"
living room = sleeping room for Laura
Amanda Wingfield

Dynamic, she always speaks
Loves her children (too motherly or authoritarian?)
Little side of cruelty
Not diplomat
"You be the lady this time and I'll be the darky"
-> black people should serve white people
Bit pretentious with her seventeen gentlemen callers?

Laura Wingfield
Bad opinion about herself
Handicap (one leg shorter than the other)
Old maid
Tom Wingfield
Before memory : elegant man
In the memory : rebellious
Annoyed by Amanda
Soldier during WW1
Never at home
Left his family -> Mexico
Jim O'Connor
More realistic character
Tom well dressed -> contrast with the miserable quarter
Walls & portieres -> transparent
"Scores of transparent glass animals" -> fragility of Laura
The 17 gentlemen callers of Amanda
-> Chose Mr Wingfield
-> Doesn't want to see her poor reality
Disappointment of Mr Wingfield // Disappointment of the American Dream
Wait for something
Gentleman // money or better life
1.     What does the memory of the gentlemen callers represent to Amanda?
2.     Where does the play take place?
3.     Can you make a contrast between the first and the second questions?
4.     What could shock us in the behavior of Amanda with her children?
5.     Does the fact that the story is a memory implicate something? If yes, what?
6.     Why didn’t Amanda go to her meeting?
7.     What did the typing instructor told to Amanda?
8.     What was Laura doing during her absences?
9.     Why was Laura called “blue roses”?
10.  What was Amanda’s biggest fear about her daughter’s future?
Settings (social background, place, ...)
Point of view -> inside the story
(We "live" a memory)
Tom Wingfield -> explains the settings
-> presents his memory

Dispute with his mother
Mention of the gentlemen callers (for Laura)
Relationships of Amanda
Wealth of these men =/= poverty of Amanda
Laura -> completely pessimistic
Settings and characters
Symbolism and imagery
Questions and activities
Plan of the presentation

Laura polishing her collection of glass

Amanda appears on the stairs

Laura hides her collection and pretends that she is studying

Amanda says she stopped at Laura's college and a teacher told her that Laura was not going to class anymore

Laura is skipping school and just walking around instead

Amanda wants Laura to get married

Laura says she once loved a boy named Jim in her chorus

He called her "blue roses" because she misspelled pleurosis

Laura says she won't get married because she is a cripple

she is depressed
she is furious against Laura
she feels anxious about her daughter's futur
she feels stressed
becomes sick when typing on the machine
she is a shy girl
she feels dubious about her futur of getting married
Symbolism for scene 2
Laura takes care of her glass menagerie
Laura's fragility

fragile and delicate
The figurines are often polished and stay at the same place
Laura kept at home
"Blue roses"
beautifull,unique thing that does not exist in nature
eternal hope
Laura fails by trying to learn at her college
not because a cripple ,but because shy
Daughter of American revolution
Amanda as high member of society
Amanda is upset about Laura's failure
Laura does not reach Amanda expectations
Amanda wants Laura to get married
Amanda wants Laura to follow her ideas
Fifty dollar tuition
a lot of money by the time
Amanda's ambition about Laura's futur
Characters for scene 2
The End
Speaking activity
Group of 2
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