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Beautiful Nonwoven

Presented to Benny Deng, Chen Li Dong, Fang Wang, Shujie Li

Jay Vaughn

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Beautiful Nonwoven

The Team

Signed Dec. 02, 2015
45 Day Exam. Period (1/16/16)

2nd Amendment Jan. 18, 2016
Environmental Approval Period
Through February 28, 2016

Closing: Within 15 days of receipt
of Phase II Site Assessment Report

Cleveland County: Ms. Kristen Reese
Cleveland County Incentive Grant
Gardner Webb University Tuition Credits
North Carolina State Incentives:
1 NC Grant
Beautiful Nonwoven
Shatou Jiujiang
Nanhai Foshan City
Guangdong Providence, China
Purchase Contract
Due Diligence
Survey, Lattimore & Peeler
Environmental, Hart Hickman
Phase I
Phase II
Roof, Baker Roofing/Nations Roof
Vendor List
700 Battleground Avenue, Grover, North Carolina
Mr. Weixiong Deng
Mr. Chen Li Dong
Ms. Fang Wang
Mr. Shujie Li
Mr. Jay Vaughn, CCIM
Mr. Hal Berger, Atty./CPA
Mr. Gerry Martin
The Requirement.
Site search for the United States Headquarters for the Manufacturing Plant for Beautiful Nonwoven
Presented By:
Jay Vaughn, CCIM
I Southern RE
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