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Mexican Constitution of 1824

No description

Susanna Foote

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Mexican Constitution of 1824

ARRIIIIIVVVVVEEEEDDD!!! DO NOW: Finish work on your break up letter AGENDA:
I. Do Now
II. Identify characteristics of the Mexican Federal Constitution of 1824
III. Stations
IV. Exit Ticket 1810 El Grito
De Dolores 1821 Treaty of Cordoba Mexican Federal Catholicism You're one of the leaders that fought for independence. Once you get it, what is one of the first things that you would do? FORM A GOVERNMENT! KEY POINTS about the Mexican Federal Constitution of 1824
1. The MFC was a representative form of government and affirmed Mexico's independence from Spain

2. The MFC set up Catholicism as the official religion

3. The MFC was a federal system and it made one state out of Texas and Coahuila

4. Prohibited Slavery It was a federal system! Each of Mexico's states had the right to govern...to make its own laws! HOW CAN THIS BE?! In Hawaii... You have to be 18 to get a drivers license In Texas... You only have to be 16 to get a drivers license STATES’ RIGHTS When the states of a nation have governing power. (They have the right to enact their own laws for their state.) It became the official religion and other religions were not allowed. This meant the church had a lot of power in Mexico Tejas y Coahuila People argued what kind of government the newly formed Mexico should have.
Since they decided on a federal republic, they had to divide the country up in to states. Because it had few people and was poor, Texas was combined with Coahuila to form one state. Exit Ticket....so sad we are done, no? 1. Write: which was the document that gave Texas its first constitutional government

The Republic of Texas Constitution
The Federal Constitution of 1824
The United States Constitution
The Republic Constitution of Mexico

2. Which of the following was NOT one of the effects of the MFC 1824
Prohibited Slavery
Gave each Mexican state the right to govern itself
Merged Texas and Louisiana in to one state
Allowed people to vote for their leaders

3. TRUE OR FALSE: State rights were given as a result of the Mexican Federal Constitution of 1824
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