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Mission & Vision

No description

winnie wu

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Mission & Vision

Employee Training Session
Mission & Vision
Our Mission:
We are committed to support our customer's requirements by delivering cost effective, reliable, and high quality products & services, while sustaining a challenging and rewarding work environment for our greatest asset, our employees.

Compensation & Benefits
starting Salary
: $10 an hour
(depend on different job titles and level of responsibilities)

*Special *Sales staffs
Commission based: pay for performance
Base Salary
: $10.25 an hour
Commission schedule:
8 % for sales up to $10,000
10 % for sales up to $50,000
12 % for sales exceeding $50,000

Overtime pay

1.5 times your regular rate of pay.
Vacations and holidays, personal days and sick days
We provide our employees comprehensive benefits package and supplement other paid time off such as paid sick days , paid vacation days , and paid holidays.
Time off policy:

20 days of vacation per year for professional staff (sales managers & leaders)

15 days of vacation per year for support staff. Vacation time increases to 20 days per year after 5 years of service.

12 sick days
11 paid holidays
3 personal days
Up to 4 weeks paid leave for new parents who are primary care givers
Time off for jury duty and bereavement

Short-term vision: We intend to provide our customers with the best custom clothing experience from beginning to end, and to be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

Long-term vision: To be the world’s premier custom clothing company, to enrich and delight the world through our brands.
Health & Well-Being

• Medical
• Dental/Vision
• Flexible Spending Accounts

Financial Security

• Retirement Savings Plan
• Short & Long Term Disability
• Accidental Death & Dismemberment
• Life Insurance

Other Benefits
• Staff Discount: enjoy 10-20% discount on our brands.
• Extra Discount: We use our buying power to give you access to a wide variety of offers through our exclusive website. ( holidays, leisure attractions, and health club membership.)
*You may also have a chance to visit the
Fashion Week
for Business Travel !

• Flexible time and environment: work-life balance
(designers: work at home)
Workplace behaviour & professionalism

We expects all employees to uphold the our mission, as well as certain standards of conduct within company and in your dealings with customers. In order to maintain these principles, you should:

-Meet your commitments.
-Be honest in all business relationships.
-Be imaginative in striving for improvement.
-Be respectful to our customers and co-workers.
-Be accountable for your own work.
-Work with your co-workers and supervisor to make constructive suggestions for change.
-Strive to bring out the best in others.
-Broaden your outlook and take responsibility for your own development.
-Develop your ability to communicate.

-To help employees understand and report behavior that could lead to violent incidents.
-Should not be considered all-inclusive, but merely a list of examples to be considered.
-These and other violent actions may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

-Intentionally causing physical injury to another person.
-Making verbal or written (including e-mail) threats of violence/intimidation.
-Aggressive or hostile behavior.
-Intentionally damaging Company property or property of another employee.
-Committing acts motivated by or related to, sexual harassment, discrimination or domestic violence.
-Retaliatory actions against an individual who reported a workplace violence incident.

If you have any concerns about safety or have any knowledge of someone or something that may cause a threat to you, your co-workers, property or the Company, please report this information immediately to Company Safety, your supervisor and/or Human Resources.

Employee Conduct
Dress codes

-W&M expects employees to dress appropriately in business attire.
-professional business attire is essential.

Men: includes suits, jackets and pants

Women: includes pant and skirt suits and jackets

Some community events ( presentation, business dinner ) -- formal dress

Internal Transfers & Promotions

-W&M believes in the importance of investing in our employees and is committed to helping you advance and develop your career.
-One of the ways we do this is to promote and support internal transfers and promotions.

-If you are interested in applying for other positions, ensure your application materials are updated in the our online application system.
-When deciding promotions and transfers, we considers many factors, including the following:
Safety and Security Procedures and Policies

We value our staff and strives to provide safe work and a safe work environment. We are committed to the principle that such a safety culture will help maintain staff member health, increase productivity, minimize lost work time, and reduce costs.

Accident prevention

W&M is committed to emergency planning and is currently developing initiatives that will create a emergency management program, such as:

-Creating a comprehensive Emergency Management Training and Education plan.
-Regular presentations on crime prevention and sexual-assault awareness
-Seminars on drug and alcohol awareness
-Safety engravings for personal property
-Surveys of facility safety
-The Employee Assistance Program ( provides professional help when day-to-day activities are interrupted by stress.)
-Educational programs concerning workforce violence

All staff are required to adhere to and comply with our safety policies and training requirements, to be aware of and identify safety issues, and to report all incidents and safety concerns on a timely basis.

Injury on-the-Job

Any work-related injury or illness must be immediately reported to the supervisor.

Supervisors must report an injury on the Occupational Injury-Illness Report form within 24 hours.

Before leaving the treatment location, employees must obtain a physician’s statement regarding the employee’s return-to-work status and provide it to their supervisor.

A staff member who reports an on-the-job injury, and seeks professional medical treatment resulting in his or her absence for the remainder of that work shift, will be paid as if he or she had worked a full shift, i.e. at his or her regular rate of pay. Ongoing medical care requiring time away from the department during regular work hours will be regarded as time worked.

Compensation payments continue until the staff member is no longer disabled as that term is defined by the Ontario labour law disability compensation is paid in the event that the staff member is able to return to work on a reduced schedule basis.
Fire Emergency Procedures

-Sounding the Alarm:
-If you detect fire or smoke, shout "Fire! Fire! Fire!” and pull the nearest fire alarm.
Call 911 if it is safe to do so.
-If you are not in imminent danger report all details of the fire to the Building Warden as quickly as possible.
-Begin evacuating the building without delay.
(Each office has a primary evacuation route.)

Work Environment
Work hours
Full-time: 44 hours/ week
Part-time: 24 hours/ week
Day shift: 8:00 AM -- 3:00 PM
Night shift : 3:00PM -- 10:00 PM
Time recorded
Use Fingerprint Reader when employee come and leave company, also use it in the break time
Tools and equipment
provide ladder, sewing machine, tool box
provide every employee a locker
notice board is in the locker room
information also in email
has camera in store and locker room
personal phone calls is not allow to pick up during the work period
computer and internet are provided to employee only
free parking sports for full-time employee
Probationary period : 3 months
Job requirement &
Company Background
W&M is an Clothing custom company, known for its high quality clothing custom services and fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children.

W&M has 15 stores exists in 10 provinces and 3 regions in Canada. The first store was opened Toronto in 2013 by Winnie and Sarah, it is also the headquarter of W&M.

The design team in the company’s Toronto office controls the steps of production, from merchandise planning to establishing specifications, and production is outsourced to other 14 factories in Canada.
Store Manager
who manages the designers, sales, accountant and takes care the whole store
need leadership skill, communication,
draws sketch, makes sample of clothes, contacts garment factory
practiced drawing skill, hand-made skill, communication, time management
We believe the greatest assets of our organization are our brands and the people who nurture and build them.
We are innovative and creative.
We believe in listening and striving to meet client needs.
We believe our challenge is to integrate these beliefs into all areas of our lives.
Our Philosophy
good memory, remember the concept of each product
understanding,listening, communication, insight
who record all the transaction, and calculate the cost, profit,etc.
need the background of accounting, communication
Staff Development
Training and education
experience employee lead new employee
experience employee represents our company to attend seminar, fashion show, etc.
we have survey to our customers who they think is going well or who is the best employee
once a month
the best employee of that month will get bonus
Discipline & Termination
who leak information of our design or marketing plan will be termination
every employee was signed contract before they become part of our company
Three-offence system:
1. verbal warning-with a write up being added to the employee's file
2. written warning- possible suspension
3. dismissal
employee and client information will not leak out
our survey uses anonymous vote
has software to protect our computer and makes sure the information is safe
every department is not share any information unless manager allowed
has monitor in our store
by Winnie Wu and Sarah Mao
Background information
Prohibited conduct
-Ability to do the work
-Prior work performance
-Attendance record over the last 12 months
-Amount of seniority

You will be required to work a specified length of time in a position before requesting a transfer or promotion, unless you have advance approval from your supervisor.
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