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No description

Diego Redondo

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Motivation.

Stephania Popa, Camille Fusaro and Diego Redondo. Chapter 6 developed by J. Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham. The Job Characteristic Model (JMC) Alternative work arrangements 1)Participative management :
Use of join decisions making

2)Representative participation:
Syndicate Employee involvement '' Everyday was the same thing'' Example. 1)Rotation
3) Job enrichment How jobs can be redesigned? (work at home) Rewards to motivate
What to pay : The pay structure.Internal equity / External

How to pay? Variable pay program. There are 7 major types of variable pay program.

1)Piece-ray pay : Paid only for what he produces.

2)Merit-based pay : Bonuses if you work good.

3)Bonuses : Reward employees for recent performance.

4)Skill-based pay : When you get new skills your salary increase.

5)Profit sharing plans: distributes compensation based on a company’s profitability.

6)Gainsharing :Improvements in groups productivity.

7)Stock ownership plan: Stock option. “Do variable-pay program increase motivation and productivity?'' Conclusion Contents The job characteristic model
Alternative work arrangement
Employee involvement
Rewards to motivate
Intrinsic Reward: Recognition programs
Challenge time

1. Recognize Individual Differences.

2. Use goals and Feedback.

3. Allow Employees to Participate in Decisions that affect them.

4. Link Reward to Performance.

5. Check the System for Equity- Employees should perceive rewards as equating with the inputs they bring to the job. Advice for future managers : 1) Skill variety
2) Task identity
3) Task significance
4) Autonomy
5) Feedback Challenge time "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"
Ralph Waldo Emerson "Recognition is more rewarding than payment on the long-term.
Employees really like being appreciated,whether is a spontaneous, informal “thank you” or a more official formal way like the “employee of the month” reward.
They want to be encouraged. ." What kind of incentives are more important in the long term, financial or motivational? Why do you think that? Which jobs are the most suitable for "telecommuting"? Justify your answer:
a) bankers
b) receptionist
c)customer-service representatives If you were a manager, what kind of the 7 majors type you choose? Flextime
Job sharing
Telecommuting 1)Piece-ray pay 2)Merit-based pay 3)Bonuses
4)Skill-based pay
5)Profit sharing plans
7)Stock ownership plan
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