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Charlotte Doyle

No description

Mackenzie Geers

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Charlotte Doyle

The True
Confessions of
Charlotte Doyle Charlotte Charlotte Doyle is a classy and sophisticated girl.
Charlotte is faced with the conflict of caring for herself on the Seahawk for two monthes on her own. this voyage shows how responsible Charlotte is. Charlotte is the protagonist in the story. Zachariah Zachariah is a friendly and respectful crew member.
his old age dosent affect his hard working ability.
Zachariah helps Charlotte onboard the Seahawk, and
becomes her friend. Captain Jaggery Captain Jaggery is st first friendly
torwards Charlotte, but soon enough Charlotte
realizes how wrong Captain Jaggery really is.
The captain is the antagonist in the story. Captain Jaggery (the antagonist) is the harsh
captain of the Seahawk. At first Charlotte admires
the capatain, but soon finds out how cruel he
acually is. The story starts in Liverpool,
England in the year of 1832
with Charlotte Doyle. She is boarding the
Seahawk to travel
to America. She soon realizes she will not be
accompinied on
this 2 month voyage. On the ship many
unusal things occur.
There are uprisings, murders,
and stoaways.
Charlotte must face all
of theses events on her own. When Charlotte gets the dirk When Charlotte meets Zachariah he
warns Charlotte about things happening
on the Seahawk. Charlotte does not believe
what Zachariah tells her. Zachariah
proceeds to give Charlotte a dirk (knife)
Charlotte is shoked and does not want the
dirk, but Zachariah convinces her to take
it for protection. Cahrlotte does, but still
wants to get ride of it. Discovering the Round Robin When Mr. Ewing asks Charlotte to get him a needle from the forecastle she looks through the chest where the needle is said to be. Charlotte acually finds a pistol. The crew is not allowed to have weapons on the ship, but most suprizingly Cahrlotte finds a round robin (the thing the captain warned her about). Charlotte then goes to the captain and tells him what she found. The uprising As soon as Charlotte informs the captain about
the pistol and red robin the captain goes to talk to
the crew. What they discover is that the crew is
planning on rebellion. they find the entire crew
(plus a former crew member wishing to get revenge on the captain for the way the captain
treated him, Mr.Crannick) with weapons. Cahrlotte soon finds out that this is all the captains
faul for how he treated the crew. the captain kills Crannick and overrules the crew with threatning them. Charlote is now frightened of the captain.
the captain decides to punisch the crew by beating Zachariah (Charlottes friend). Murder! During the hurricane while
Charlotte is working
the sails, they all noticed Mr.
Hollybrass had
a knife in his back. Captain
immediately accused Charlotte
for the murder. The crew does not stand up for Charlotte, so Charlotte is
sent to the brig. While in the brig she discovers that
Zachariah is also in the brig hiding out. Zachariah tells Charlotte his plan of sneaking of the ship and telling the authorities how cruel Captain Jaggery is. Charlotte is Immediatley taken to the brig , and in the brig she finds Zachariah. he explains his plan to escape the ship and tell the police the bad things the captain has done. The too figure out a plan to overthrow the captain. The End :) The End When the the captain attempts to kill
Charlotte he falls of the boat. Charlote is
appointed new captain, and the ship soon arrives
at America. Charlotte is reunited with her family. Her
family is not pleased with her new looks,
and the father is not happy with what
Charlotte wrote in her journal. Charlotte
ends up leaving home and returning to
the Seahawk to be apart of the crew forever. By:Kameron Wilkinson and Mackenzie Geers
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