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Luis Coronel

No description

ivonne mendez

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Luis Coronel

Luis Coronel
When Luis Coronel was younger his dad was killed. Ever since, his mom has been the one who is always with him and helps him out on his problems. She is a dad and mom for him and his brother. Luis Coronel has a song about his dad in his newest album, the sing talks about all the stuff his dad did and what his dad meant to him.
Luis Coronel is a young man who is now famous all because he posted a video of him singing to his girlfreind on Facebook and since then he is a famous singer.
Who is Luis Coronel
Luis Coronel was just a regular hispanic young boy, now he is a young talented famous boy who has a new CD that just came out named Con La Frente En Alto
The song that luis coronel became famous with was called "Mi Niña Traviesa" Which is in his new album.
Luis Coronel
Luis Coronel didn't just become famous because of the song he sang to his girlfreind. He became a huge hit when a very famous singer met him this famous singers name is Gerardo Ortiz. He saw how talented Luis Coronel was and helped him become something bigger by Gerardo Ortiz giving Luis Coronel the song that Gerardo was suposed to sing and gave it to Luis Coronel to sing this song is called Mi Niña traviesa
Gerardo Ortiz and Luis Coronel
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