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Life of Your NLI

No description

National Letter of Intent

on 8 August 2017

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Transcript of Life of Your NLI

Life of Your
National Letter of Intent (NLI)
Eligible to Receive
After Signing
Fulfilling Your Commitment
Things you must do before receiving your NLI from an NCAA Division I or II member institution.
#1. Register with the
NCAA Eligibility Center online
Registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center will:
Create your NCAA ID;
Allow you to answer the amateurism questions; and
Submit necessary information including transcripts and SAT/ACT test scores.

- Complete the amateurism questions
Please provide as much information as possible when completing these questions. If the amateurism staff has additional questions about the information you provided, they will contact you.
#3. Be placed on an NCAA Division I or II
Institution Request List (IRL)
If you are actively being recruited by an NCAA Division I or II institution, they will place you on their IRL. It is at the discretion of the institution to determine who should be on their IRL.
After Signing!
Know the rules BEFORE You Sign
Things to
You Sign!
#1. What is the NLI Agreement?
#3. How Do You Fulfill the NLI?
#2. When and Who Can Sign?
#4. What if there is a Coaching Change?
#5. What is the NLI Penalty?
When you sign an NLI, you agree to attend the institution for one academic year in exchange for that institution awarding athletics financial aid for one academic year.

This agreement does not guarantee you playing time or a spot on the team. The only guarantee with this agreement is that the institution will provide you with athletics financial aid for the academic year.
An NLI can be signed during the specific signing dates
for your sport.
- A High School Senior;
- A Prep School Student; or
- A Junior College transfer (2-4 or 4-2-4)
You fulfill the NLI in one of two ways:
1. By attending the institution with which you signed for at least one academic year as a full-time student; OR
2. By graduating from a two-year college, if you signed an NLI while in high school and later attended a two-year college.
The NLI you signed remains binding if the
coach who recruited you leaves the institution.
and not with a coach or specific team.
You must serve one year in residence (full-time, two semesters or three quarters) at the next NLI member institution and lose one season of competition in all sports, if you do not fulfill the NLI agreement.
Signing Your NLI
For information regarding the NLI Release Request process, please visit our website at: www.national-letter.org
Rules to remember when signing your NLI:
#1. If you are under the age of 21, your parent or legal guardian must sign the NLI with you.
#2. You are not permitted to sign or date the NLI before the initial signing date for your sport. Specific signing dates can be found on the NLI website: www.national-letter.org
#3. You have 7 days to sign the NLI from the date issued by the institution. The institution cannot withdraw the offer during this time period. The institution has 14 days to file your NLI with the appropriate conference office.
#4. It is permissible for media, parents, relatives, friends and high school administrators to be present at your signing. It is not permissible for athletics representatives from the institution you are signing with to be there.
#5. If you are not receiving an NLI from an NLI member institution, it is not permissible for you to sign a "mock NLI."
The Recruiting Ban
Admission - Eligibility
All other coaches must stop recruiting you. If contacted by a coach, you must notify him or her that you have signed an NLI.
If you sign an NLI and later receive a written denial of admission to the institution or have not met the eligibility requirements, your NLI will become null-and-void. This will allow you to contact other institutions and not incur the NLI penalty at the next institution.
Final Breakdown
#1. Participating in a season of your sport does not fulfill the NLI. The NLI is a one year commitment (two full-time semesters, or three full-time quarters).
#2. You sign with the institution. A coaching change is not an automatic release.
#3. The NLI must be accompanied with an athletic aid agreement. Read both documents carefully to understand the commitment.
#4. Although it is possible to be released from your NLI, the institution is not required to release you. This is determined on an institutional basis. You will be subject to the NLI penalty if the institution does not release you and you chose
to enroll at a different NLI member institution.
For more information, please visit: www.national-letter.org
#2. - Provide the institution with an
official or unofficial transcript
#5. NLI member institutions can only offer NLIs. The National Letter of Intent program does not govern what a junior college or NAIA school may offer you.
Begin this process by logging on to www.ncaaeligibilitycenter.org.
When you sign the NLI,
you sign with the institution
Please Note: It is permissible for you to practice and
receive athletic financial aid at the discretion of the next institution.
Division I
Divison II
An NLI can be signed by:
Failure to Enroll at the Signing Institution:
Voluntarily Withdraw (Quit) the Team:
If you don't enroll at the institution you sign with, you have not fulfilled the NLI agreement to attend that institution for one academic year. The NLI will remain binding.
If you voluntarily withdraw from the team, the NLI remains binding even if the institution cancels your athletics aid.
Delayed Enrollment
When eligible for enrollment, but you choose to delay your enrollment
(e.g. attend prep school) at the signing institution, your NLI remains binding.
Transferring to a different
NLI Member Institution
If you enroll at the signing institution and decide to transfer before completing your first academic year:
#1. Initiate the NLI Release Request online at: www.national-letter.org
#2. Receive Permission to Contact. Consult your Athletics Compliance Office at your
signing institution for this.
#3. Receive an exception to the NCAA transfer rule if applicable for your sport.
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