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No description

Keith Yong

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of React.js

Web Components
<b>keithy:</b> Hey guys!
State vs Props
State and props are data, but props is immutable, and state is mutable.
Analogy: state is global variable, props is local variable in a function.
State usually stored in one big object, making it easy to refer to.
Best practice: use state carefully, use props always.
React Ecosystem
Builds React components, all libraries into a single bundle.min.js
Server side rendering
Babel for ES6
Brief Intro to React.js
class ChatMessage extends React.Component{
render() {
render (
<b>{this.props.username}</b>{": "}
message={"Hey guys!"}
Declare a component in ES6
Using the component in JSX
React renders component into HTML
Just the view
Virtual DOM
message={"Hey guys!"}
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