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My Personal Legend


McKenzee S

on 6 December 2009

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Transcript of My Personal Legend

My Personal Legend By McKenzee Schultz My Personal Legend; a long list of tasks. First on the list is to travel. Especially to
Europe. In Europe, the most important country I would visit is Germany because my mom and my brothers lived there for four years. The country is also beautiful and I'd like to see where my family lived before I was born. I'd also like to visit New Zealand and Australia.
I'd like to visit Canada. Especially to
snowboard at the Whistler Blackcomb
Ski Resort in Vancouver. Whistler Blackcom Ski Resort.
Vancouver, Canada. I've always wanted to visit the Seven Wonders of the World.
There are different categories, but the three I want to visit are; The New Seven Wonders of the World Seven
of the
World The Seven Wonders of the Underwater World While in New York, I'd like to go to Grand Central Station and ride on a train. One major thing on my list;
Go back to New York, visit my family and old friends and see my old house. Visit the
Kentucky Derby
and watch a race. Skydiving Sailing, for a couple of days.
With a group of friends. Volunteering in Africa. ? I'm not sure what
I want to do for
my career.
My mind is
always changing.
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