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What does it mean to be a Roman soldier

No description

Sean Wang

on 28 May 2011

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Transcript of What does it mean to be a Roman soldier

What does it mean to be a Roman soldier Life of a Roman soldier The Legion Requirments Equipments Training Awards & Punishments Daily Life Promotion Weapons Personal Items Gladius Meaning "sword"
Blade is about 30 cm long
Main melee weapon Pilum Heavy javenline
Two for each legionairre
Long range & short range Lorica Segmentata Segment armor
Weighed about 9kg
Chain mails & Muscle breastplate Scutum What's in your marching pack Water skin
Cooking tools
Entrenching tools
Construction tools Auxiliary (non-citizen)
Legionary (citizen)
Roman cavalry (usually auxiliary)
Skirmishers (javelineer & archer) Contubernium (8 men) Century (10 contubernium/80 men) Cohort (6 centuries/480 men) Legion (10 cohorts/6000 men) Physical Psycological Age 16 or more Taller than 160cm
(with exception) 25 years of term Valor Obedience Discipline Devotion Combat Basic Entrenchment Basic Training Marching 20 miles/day
Marching Formation
Basic manuevering Combat Training Use of weapons
Combate formation
Close combat Entrenchment Training Entrenching
Camp setting
Fort construction Wartime Peace Live in the barracks Training, training, more training Guarding the frontier Building project No marriage (privately) Fighting the enemy Plunder (slaves & treasure) Primus Pilus (colonel) Primus Prior (cohort) Primus ordines Centurions (captain) Optio (lieutenant) Decanus (sergeant) Legionaire Signifier (Standard Bearer) Awards Punishment Armillae (armband)
Torques (neck)
Phalerae (medal) Most common Decimation Group
Mutiny or Cowardice
Executed by their own unit Fustuarism Individual
Desertion, disobedience, derelication of duty
Stone to death by comrades The End :)
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