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South Sudan Civil War

No description

Sadella Hubert

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of South Sudan Civil War

South Sudan Civil War
Compelling Question #1
What are some sacrifices citizens have to make in times of war?
Compelling Question #2
Are only men fighting in the war?
People are forced to leave their own homes and live in unsanitary conditions.
The mortality rate (exposure or probability of death) of children under five years old is 135/1000.
From unhealthy living conditions, kids' lives are threatened by illness and disease.
How You Can Help
South Sudan is a landlocked country located in northeastern Africa; it is the worlds newest country. The countries surrounding South Sudan are Uganda, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Kenya.
South Sudan
Compelling Question #3
What conflicts started the war?
Compelling Question #4
What kind of destruction is caused from war daily?
Across South Sudan, children are having difficulty seeking food and shelter. Not only has war separated kids from their families, but they are forced to fight in the gruesome battles. The war has led to thousands of displaced children, making them an easy target of physical and sexual violence.
The Children of South Sudan
The War started in December of 2013 and continues to alter everyday life in South Sudan. The fighting has displaced an average of 1 million citizens and has killed over 10 thousand and counting. 70,000 South Sudanese civilians have fled the country either voluntarily or forced.
There is a population of approximately 11.4 million people living in South Sudan. In fact, 4 million of these citizens are encountering starvation. That is over 1/3 of the population!
-Citizens have to sacrifice jobs, homes, or even lives.
Above is a picture of people fleeing to surrounding countries
-No, over 9,000 children have been fighting in the South Sudan civil war.
You can help these suffering war victims of South Sudan by sending your thoughts and prayers. Any donations or charities will help provide these people with crucial living needs that many often take for granted, such as food, clean water, health care or even one article of clothing.

The school enrollment is only 48% in the entire country.
Effects From The War
The war started as a political issue between the president's guards and soldiers.
Loss of homes, family, local stores, and even schools are common daily losses because of war.

Work Cited
By:Jada Colbert, Gabby Beam, and Sarah Hughes
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