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Apple Inc. Presentation

MMS Career Quest Financial Presentation: Tejus Rao: Apple Inc.

Tejus Rao

on 1 January 2014

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Transcript of Apple Inc. Presentation

Apple Inc.
Apple Headquarters
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, California 95014
Apple's Beginnings
Analysis Opinion by Yahoo.com
Eighteen Recommend Apple a Strong Buy
Twenty-one Recommend Apple a Buy
Twelve Recommend Holding Apple
Two Recommend Underperform of Apple
One Recommends selling Apple
Apple Inc. Presentation
Tejus Rao
1st Hour CQ
Business Careers
Marshfield MS
Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniac and Ronald Wayne founded Apple on April 1st, 1976
Their first product was the
Apple 1
2013: $170.91 Billion
2012: $156.508 Billion
2011: $108.249 Billion

2013: $37.037 Billion
2012: $41.733 Billion
2011: $25.922 Billion
One year chart from Yahoo
Some Investment Facts for Investors

I would definitely buy stock in Apple because they are doing very well right now and their technology is unique and is hard to compete with. Almost everyone has an Apple device that they own noways whether it be and iPhone or a Mac and the constant creation of new products keeps Apple going well. Also, they are improving financially as shown by the information on revenue, income, and market price. It may be
expensive, but its worth it.
Apple makes consumer electronics including computers, cellphones, music players, and software.
Apple went public on December 12, 1980 with an IPO of $22.00 per share
Thank You for viewing!!
Apple's Competitors
Apple is a world wide business. They sell the same products all over the world. They are based in America, though.
Steve Jobs
Steve Wozniac

My Opinion of Apple
Other Apple Owned Companies
Total Revenues
Net Income
Some Apple Products
Apple currently has about 80,300 employees.
One of Apple's goals is to have all their facilities powered completely with renewable energy.
Ticker: GOOG
Ticker: MSFT
Price of Apple on 12/12/13 was $560.54
Price of Apple on 12/12/12 was $539.00
Price of Apple on 12/12/11 was $391.84
There have been many dividends paid by Apple. There were four paid in 2013. The most resent one was $3.05 and it was paid on 11/6/13.
I would give Apple a 4 out of 5 star rating!

International Business
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