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Social Statistics

No description

Renee Edwards

on 10 August 2018

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Transcript of Social Statistics

That's me!
Take Aways
Life Happens

Additional Help
Class Notes
Practice, practice & practice again. I understand that I'm competing with your real lives and responsibilities but you also need to be able to devote no less than 2 hours a week to practicing on your own. There are multiple problems available and just like a language you must practice. You can't open a spanish book the night before an exam an expect an A. Stats is a language!
While I am completely understanding regarding other commitments please do not ask to turn in work late. It just isn't possible for an online class. I post solutions right online after due date. Assignments are up so please feel free to jump ahead.
No late HW is accepted.
You must show your work for full credit (see syllabus regarding how to upload docs).

The discussion board posts are mandatory
Each module there will be either a question or a pracitce problem. You will need to post your response by the first Friday of that module. Then by the following Friday (the same day that HW is due) you will need to have reviewed or commented on atleast 2 other classmates posts and answer any questions or comments that have been posted to your DB. For example the first module goes from 1/11 (Monday)- 1/24 (Sunday), the first post is due by Friday 1/15 and your "response" post must be made by Friday 1/22.
multiple videos
Be sure to reach out early if you have problems
SWK 3810
Social Statistics

The Syllabus -Yes you still must read it!
About Me
These do not need to be turned in
Handouts with Solutions are available in each module
Some answers MAY be posted in the back of the book
End of Chapter Problems
If you want to see any others done just ask!

Several Problems are worked out via youtube
Khan Academy\YouTube
Tutor Lab
Our Classroom
Don't Fall Behind!

I realize you have a social life but life is about choices. Contact me early before you fall behind.
If you need help on a problem please post your
work to Discussion Board for peer review
I've taught more than 15+ online classes and each semester is different. I'm completely open to any suggestions and please feel free to reach out to me if you have problems with the material.
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