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6.02 The Industrial Revolution: Assessment

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Theresa Brimo

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of 6.02 The Industrial Revolution: Assessment

Visual Arts
In the visual arts, literature was a way at explaining the horrific conditions in the factories. Reading about the conditions in factories really emphasized what the problems were like. Realism paintings really portrayed the darker side of the urban side, even though it could be shocking. Photography really brought the truth of industrialization in a negative way.
In Conclusion
The Industrial Revolution outweighed the positives because of the visual arts, which showed the truth, and the shocking things that really happen. There were many environmental hazards that ruined many things, and put people's health in jeopardy. The working conditions had to have been the worst. Many young lives were being lost. There was many more negatives in the Industrial Revolution than the positives.
Working Conditions
The employees had to work so much hours with such little pay. This was not enough to support a whole family. So everybody had to work including children. Children were dying at young ages because of the dangerous work. Workers could not not unionize and ask for better working conditions, because the British Parliament passed the Combination Acts, so workers could not unionize.
The Industrial Revolution
While the Industrial Revolution had both positive and negative effects on society and the economy, the negative effects outweighed the positive. There are three main reasons why the Industrial Revolution had positive effects on society. The reasons are visual arts, environmental hazards, and poor working conditions.
Environmental Hazards
Pollution was such a big problem. The air was filled with so much smoke from the factories. The streets were filled with trash. Mass production from factories has depleted many natural resources. Another problem was deforestation, and the lack of trees made way to the problem of carbon emissions. there was many health problems for people because of pollution.
6.02 The Industrial Revolution: Assessment
The Industrial Revolution was first started to make life better for many people. Many people lived in farm areas, and this Industrial Revolution was meant to give people the opportunity to be employed. Things made in the factories were meant to be made faster and cheaper.
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