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Literacy prezi

No description

jenny shakespeare

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of Literacy prezi

Speak with authority about literacy
Reading, writing and communication
What can you make of reading, writing and communication in your classroom?
What can we make of reading, writing and communication whole school?
What can we make of writing in school?
What do teachers make?
What do you think good literacy is?
I can't read
I can't write
I can't communicate
As a Headteacher commented in The Times Educational Supplement:

If you want a sure way to provoke a collective groan in your staffroom, announce that you are intending to hold a training day devoted to whole school literacy. 'We did that five years ago!' someone will shout.

Geoff Barton, Headteacher, King Edward School, Bury ST Edmunds, in The TES, 5 MArch 2010
Those who are in the wider world - employers for example, or representatives of national or local government complain about falling standards of literacy they most often have in mind
Who is responsible?
What do Ofsted say about literacy?
The most successful schools emphasised that there was no ‘eureka’ moment, that is to say, specific or unusual practice. Rather, they made what one school described as ‘painstaking adjustments’ to what they did when their monitoring provided evidence of weaknesses and they stuck with what worked.
In the secondary schools where teachers in all subject departments had received training in teaching literacy and where staff had included an objective for literacy in all the lessons, senior managers noted an improvement in outcomes across all subjects, as well as in English.
Feeling overwhelmed?

It's no wonder...
After all you can' t get the top jobs without good literacy!

"The problem with the French is that they don't have a word for entrepreneur"
How do you make a child read?
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