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Bear Fuels

No description

katie studer

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Bear Fuels

MI OH IN IL KY WV PA Product Case Start Up Unique Competition Grease Haulers Fuel Retail How It Happens Growth Client Grease Hauling Refining Distribution Client Transportation Closed Loop CONTRACTED: 40¢/gal Contracted: 75¢/gal Contracted: 7¢/gal Capitol Closed Loop Your Fuel Your Money Your Air $1,770,000 97¢ Potential Ohio Per Student $9,117,000 $45,200,000 United States Columbus City
School District $53,600 Ramp Up $70,000 Legal Fees Year 1:Columbus
Year 2:Cleveland & Cincinnati
Year 3:Expand Beyond Ohio Finances $112,000 Cost of Sales $182,000 1st Year $4.87/gallon Bear Fuels vs Diesel
17% Fuel Savings
37% Reduced Carbon
39% Reduced Sulfur $2.99 Per Gallon
$0.92 Profit
30.88% Margin Market $4.87 Per Gallon
$0.48 Profit
1% Margin Mentor Questions No Feedstock Target Market:
-Produces Yellow Grease
-Need for diesel
-Near Refinery

Schools, Universities, Prisons +Simple & Elegant
+No Big Capital
+Minimal Risk
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