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Linkin park

No description

michelle galluzzo

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Linkin park

Linkin Park Band Members
Chester Bennington He went to Centennial and Greenway high school. He graduated from Washington High School. The very first instrument he played was the piano. He play in many band and learn many instruments. He was best as a vocalist. Rob Bourdon Bennington got introduced to bands by his brother like Foreigner, Loverboy, and Rush and also with Stone Temple Pilots and The Doors, which inspired him for future in music. Linkin Park was not his first band. His first band was Grey Dase in 1993. They had two albums "Wake Me" in 1994 and "...No Sun Today" in 1997 apart from a demo tape "Sean Dowdell and his Friends?". They broke up and then Linkin Park got together in 1999. He married his girl friend Talinda Bentley, on December 31, 2005. They have a son named Tyler Lee. He has been the vocalist of Linkin Park since 1999 to present. He was born on March 20, 1976 .

Rob grew up in the town of Calabasas, California. He was born on January 20, 1979. He attended Agoura High School with members of Hoobastank.He was inspired by Aerosmith. His mom was friends with the drummer Joey Kramer. He started to play the drums at the age of Nine. He was in a band called No Clue. They did cover songs of band. In his early teens he met Brad Delson another linkin park band member and played in a band called Relative Degree. When the band broke up rob's life took a bad turn. He had a huge problem with drug and alcoholabuse. He currently Lives in Los Angeles. Rob like to play the piano but the drums are his best instrument. He is the drummer of Linkin Park since 1996 to present.









http://www.lpassociation.com/bio/rob/ Mike Shinoda Brad Delson Dave "Phoenix" Farrell Mr. Joe Hahn He went to school at Pasadena,California's Art College of Design. This is where he learned his art and cinematic skills and where Mike Shinoda found Joe. Together they combined skills to make amazing music videos and cover for their albums. Joe was born in Glendale, California on March 15, 1977. He is from a Korean descent and has been in the band since 1996 to present. He plays the turntables, does programming, samples, and back-up vocals.
Shinoda was born from a Japanese father and Russian mother and is a distant relative of the legendary Russian composer Tchaikovsky. He was born on DOB: February 11, 1977 . Mike got into music at a young age because his parents help him learn the piano. He attended Agoura High School, With his friend Brad Delson, they met drummer Rob Bourdon through a mutual friend that was in a local band named Karma. Rob soon after was asked to be the drummer for their new band, Xero. Turntablist Joseph Hahn and bassist David "Phoenix" Farrell were asked to join the band when Mike and Rob when to separate colleges. Mike found Hahn from Pasadena's 'Art College of Design' where they both attended. Brad met Phoenix at UCLA. Mike's master plan for Xero was to create a sound without categorizational boundaries that seamlessly blended several styles of music, including rock, hip-hop, and electronica. Phoenix was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1977. His inspiration to pick up the instruments came from his older brother. He grew up in Plymouth but later moved to Mission Viego, California at the age of 5. In high school Dave joined a punk group named 'Tasty Snax'. They renamed themselves 'The Snax'. Since the band needed a bass guitar, Dave gave up the electric guitar and played bass guitar instead.

Xero changed their name to Hybrid Theory and recorded their self-titled EP with friend Kyle Christner. When the band was signed with Warner label and they became known as Linkin Park. Shortly after that, Phoenix left the band. They left the spot open for him to return if he wanted to. He left because he touring with The Snax his other band. Phoenix came back right after the band filmed the "One Step Closer" video, this is why he not in that viedo. Phoenix has been with the band ever since. He was born on February 8, 1977.

Brad grew up in Agoura, California. He was born on December 1, 1977 . His good childhood friend was Mike Shinoda. They attended Agoura High School together and graduated in 1996. Within the same year the two of them formed Xero. Even though they did not go to the same college they remained in touch. Brad attended UCLA, his was roommate Dave Farrell, a bassist with a local punk band called Tasty Snax. Brad recruited Farrell to join Hybrid Theory, who had recently changed from 'Xero'. He graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor's degree in Communications. He wanted to go to law school until Hybrid Theory got a record deal. This is when they change the name to Linkin Park in fall 2000.

Brad is in charge of the business side of Linkin Park with his father, Donn Delson. "The two of them created BandMerch amid concerns over the unauthorized usage of Linkin Park's image and name on products, citing they wanted fans to get first-class, high-quality products when they purchased merchandise with the band's name on it. The company soon branched out past the borders of Linkin Park, handling merchandising affairs for some of the music industry's biggest heavy-hitters."
Linkin Park is a global band, that currently has four albums; Minutes to Midnight, Meteora, Reanimation, and Hybrid Theory. They invented the rap rock genre. It all started when Aerosmith did "Walk this Way". That was the only song that had rap with rock. They took they idea rock and rap morphed it and made the Hybrid Theory. They also recorded a CD with rapper Jay z. This had a huge impact on the music world. Hybrid Theory sold over 500,000 albums in 2000. Shadow of the Day, The Little Things You Give Away, and Valentine's Day are all referenced For Hurricane Katrina and the War in Iraq.


This is the video of "One Step Closer"
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