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Mug Rug

3rd Grade - Variety, Pattern, Rhythm - LCSD Art

Lindsey Riker

on 12 April 2018

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Transcript of Mug Rug

What do our
mug rugs need to show?
Warp Thread
Weft Thread
Weaving Vocabulary
Weaving Materials
Cardboard Loom
Examples of
Mug Rugs
What is the pattern?
Does this have variety?
3rd Grade
Mug Rug Plans
In your art journal, draw and color 2 ideas for your mug rug.
Remember to show variety and texture.
Hand Looms
Machine Looms
Our Looms are Cardboard
1. Learn about next project
a. New I cans
b. Weaving Vocabulary and Examples

2. Weaving around the world.

3. Studio Time
a. Planning
b. Start your first color of weft. It must be a stripe.
c. Keep weaving!

4. Clean-up
I can identify and analyze how and why different cultures use art.
So that I can create a mug rug using the same weaving techniques.

I know I've got it when my woven mug rug shows variety and texture.
What kind of texture?
1. Review
a. Variety
b. Texture
c. Weaving vocabulary
d. I can

2. Demonstrations

3. Studio Time
a. Continue weaving. Don't forget about your plans!

4. Clean-up
1. Today is a mustard day!

2. Review
a. Weaving around the world
b. I Cans

3. Studio Time
a. Finish weaving. Remember your plans!
b. Make a Tag
c. Put in Done box

4. Artsonia?

5. Help others or free-draw

6. Clean-up
Weaving Around the World
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