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The Taiga Biome

No description

Mr. Stack

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of The Taiga Biome

The Taiga Biome
What makes taiga unique?

The whether in taiga's summer are warm and rainy,so the plants will not die.

Taiga has fewer animal spieces then other biomes such as tropical rain forests & temprate deciduous forest.

Taiga is home to many predatory animals like the wolverine.

How do people affect Taiga

Dam building,mining,peatmoss harvesting,road building,logging,fishing & hunting are destroy Taiga animal's habitats everyday.

People are polluting the air witch causes the death of fish and other animals.

people are killing too many animals witch is leading to extinktion.
How can we help taiga

turn off appliances not being used.

you can plant trees and recycle & help the enviorment.

you can recycle alumanun cans paper & other products.
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