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2001: Space Odyssey

No description

Julia Poffenroth

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of 2001: Space Odyssey

Main Characters
-Hal: Computer/Human
-David Bowman: Austronaut
-Frank Poole: Austronaut
-Dave Bowman being turned into a baby.

-When HAL starts making mistakes

Going beyond the book
-TMA-1, TMA-2
-Able to live on moon

-Know nothing about TMA-1/TMA-2
-Can't live on moon
-No hal

Men went on a space ship to saturn and their special machine, HAL had a malfunction.

2001: Space Odyssey
Meaningful Quoets
-"You know that I have the greatest possible enthusiasm for the mission." (59%)

Im sorry dave but in accourdance with special subroutine C1435-4 quoet when the crew is dead or incapactited the on borad computer must contain control Unquote I must overule your authority"(63%)

"Solar Systems throug Space: The Resonance Project/ Nassim Haramien(youtube) Interesting Theroys The Helicaal Model- Our Solar System Is a Vortext(Youtube) The Above videos are not total" Planets, Stars, Solar System Space, The Universe Galixes and Time. WEB 29 OCT 2015

"Sceince" Gernal Knowlage, Space Astronmy GK Infomational Technology GK
WEB 29 OCT 2015
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