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Copy of Butterfly Reproductive System

No description

Jasmin Marie Amores

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Butterfly Reproductive System

Butterfly Reproductive Aanatomy
Female Male
Lily Jacobs
Egg hatches into larva / Caterpillars

Claspers of the male attach on to the female abdominal
The Aedeagus of the male goes into the vigina
When the male ejaculates, the Spermatophone enters into the female to the Speratheca

A mix between female and Male sex cells
Sex chromosomes fail to seperate when the fertalized egg seperates

Egg moves down the Common Duct
Egg is removed from the body through the Ovipositor

Accessory Glands create sticky substance to help the eggs attach to the leaf
~ 100 eggs

Eggs take 4 days to hatch


Oocyte goes through meiotic division

Haploid Oocyte Nucleaus
3 polar Nuclei
Egg passes through oviduct, passes the Spermatheca where the sperm are being stored
Sperm enters the egg though micropyle
Stage 1 - Eating Stage
Stage 2 - Caccoon
up to weeks or months
Cells forming the body of the butterfly

Stage 3 - Adult
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