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Programming 101

No description

Quenesha Humes

on 4 January 2015

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Transcript of Programming 101

Quenesha Ward and Michael Calhoun
What's A Program?
Will your program bloom?
Would the program be something that you would like to do?
Who is your audience?
Detailing and Diversity!
No purpose, no progress:
-Identify the needs you are addressing
-What is the goal?
-What are you trying to "teach" your residents? The take-home message...
-Is the program something you would want to see more of?
What is the Purpose?

*You can reach your residents through:
-Text message
-Socia Media
-Residence hall tv screens
-Brief Sample Ex). Mini Snack of what might be at the program
-Supervisor Specific: request materials by the date given by your supervisor.
-Donations are the best!
-Confirm with your supervisor of your limit

Materials and Budget
Your program is your bud and in order for it be prosperous, you need to plant your ideas, nurture your purpose and budget, and water your advertisement. So when it is time for your program to blossom, it will be vibrant, attractive, and successful.

Follow on Twitter: @UAHousing
Programming 101
Purpose of Program
Who are you targeting?
Materials needed and how to request for items
Get the Brain Going
Fashion Show with Career Center
Drunk Mario Cart with UAPD
Speed dating with SGA
Monsters University with Counseling Center
Ice Cream Social with FYE
Helpful Websites
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