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Fantasy Genre Project.

Joti Chow

on 3 February 2010

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Transcript of FANTASY

FANTASY Definition of a Film Genre
A film genre is the classification of films. It helps people choose what type of films they like better. The films are all categorized in different types (genres), such as action, fantasy, romance, and etc. Examples of This Genre... The Best Examples of Fantasy The best example of fantasy is Harry Potter, in our opinion, because in the film, there are a lot of imaginary animals like unicorns and dragons. Also, there is a lot of impossible work shown, such as magic and mind control. The characteristics of the fantasy genre typically consist of magic, or talking animals. It is usually centered around the impossible. The Characteristics of Fantasy Earliest Example of Fantasy Films The earliest example of a fantasy film is The Polar Bear King, which was released in 1901, because it centers around a talking polar bear. Most Famous Fantasy Film The most famous fantasy film that ever hit the box office as of January 2010 is Avatar. It has sales of over 1 billion dollars, and its sales increase everyday, as it continues to sell at theatres. It is not a prime example of fantasy, but is the most popular, because it has to do with planets not yet discovered, technology that has not yet created, and a band of extra-terrestrials. Popular films that follow Avatar are The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest, The Dark Knight (Not prime example), and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Directors Associated With Fantasy Films Some popular directors who have directed famous fantasy films are James Cameron, Peter Jackson, Gore Verbonski, and Chris Columbus. Movie Studios Associated with Fantasy Some Movie studios that are associated with this genre are Walt Disney Studios, 20th Century Fox Studios, and Warner Bros. Studios, although there are many different branches of studios with Disney and other major movie producers. Film Critics Historians Say About Fantasy There are many differing opinion of the fantasy genre. Some people say that fantasy should not be presented at all because of the use of impossible things, as it can give young children and influential people the wrong ideas, where as other people think fantasy films are a great way to start creativity early, express, and to give people an escape from the misery of the real world, and add a bit of excitement into one's life. Why Fantasy? We picked this genre because it was easy to understand and classify. Also, we often would read books that had been made into films, so we were familiar with the fantasy genre. We also preferred fantasy, and found it fascinating, because it showed so many brilliant things that could not be accomplished in the real world, so it made the films interesting to watch. It offers an escape from the despair of the real world, so we can enjoy it with good time spent. We like how it is centered around realistic life lessons, so somethings can help you too. It is mysterious, and acting is made harder for the actor/actresses, because they sometimes have to react to things that are actually not there, so it makes it even more intriguing to watch. Our Thoughts We think this genre is always suprising, and has many twists and turns. It always makes you wonder about what is going to happen next. You never know when a unicorn might hop out of a bush, or when a centaur will charge at you. It makes us think about when we were small, wondering how we could fly or jump on the clouds. This is what makes the genre so interesting, because it consists of fictional images. You can dream up of so many adventures and scenarios not available in the real world, so it offers you an escape. There is always something entertaining about this genre, and has you gripping the edge of your seats, as the scenes unfold before your eyes. Credits! Joti Thandi

Jennifer Chow

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