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What makes a good dance performance?

No description

Sarah Hayes

on 7 February 2015

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Transcript of What makes a good dance performance?

Turning up on time
Turning up at all!
Positive attitude when rehearsing
Not giving up
Giving 100%
Planning the rehearsal schedule
Rehearsing a piece helps to get the movement clear in your body, rather than in your mind

This will allow you to focus on the performance of the dance, and not on trying to remember what comes next!
Awareness of the characteristic features of the dance
What style of dance is your piece?

What type of character are you in the performance?

What is the story behind your dance?
Strengths and Weaknesses
Identify strengths and weaknesses of your own and others’ performance during rehearsals

Create an action plan of how to improve

Use ICT (for example, video camera) to monitor and evaluate your performance
What makes a good dance performance?
Commitment to Rehearsals
Make sure everyone in the group has a copy
Let your group know if you cannot make it
If you can't dance but can be there,
be there!
Make sure you plan enough rehearsals
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