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Gina Hele

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

In GC2 the standard of work submitted had slipped for some of you.

Please put effort into making this section of the sketchbook strong.

You have the time to make this section your best yet! You have all worked really hard in my lessons, so now demonstrate that you understand all we have discussed.

how media audiences respond to media products with
appropriate use of
subject terminology

how media audiences respond to media products with reference to
detailed illustrative examples
and with
generally correct
use of
subject terminology

Comprehensively explain
how media audiences respond to media products with reference to
elucidated examples
use of correct
subject terminology
Help with Question 1
Are you active or passive in your media consumption?
Do you challenge media texts?
Does your mode of response change from text to text?
mention violent examples we have looked at and how you personally responded to these. Be as honest and open as possible.
Do you always have the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction?
You have a history of media consumption, how have your preconceptions changed as you have grown up?
Help with question 3
Choose your own example of a media text that has been controversial - there are lots to choose from if you google this.
We looked at Childsplay 3 and the James Bulger case. We also looked at Clockwork Orange and discussed Grand Theft Auto.
Add your own personal opinion
Use your notes from our screen violence session (serbian film).
Talk about moral panic.
Help with Question 2
Explain the Hypodermic needle theory
Discuss whether you agree with this theory?
Is this theory out dated?
Mention the two step flow theory which has replaced Hypodermic needle theory.
Help with Question 4
Refer to your notes from last week on Body Image and advertising.
Consider - Eating disorders,
You will find useful clips on YouTube to help with this.
Explain the Dove Beauty Campaign and similar campaigns that made an attempt to show realistic body images in Advertising.
Include examples of advertisements and how they effect body image for males and females - how does this differ?
Assignment Brief - HAND IN DATE THURS 11TH APRIL 201

Assignment Task: (not necessarily in this order)
You will show an
of how media
audiences respond
to media products and the
around this topic.

1.Explain your media consumption and how you are affected by it
2.Explain effects debate/hypodermic needle theory (mention passive vs active consumption)
3.Discuss a film, TV programme or video game which is controversial: does screen violence have any effect on viewers?
4.How does advertising affect body image if at all?
5.What effects does porn have on society?
6.Explain Uses and Gratifications theory, giving examples of how different people look to have their needs met
7.Explain and give examples of McQuail’s theory and the 4 most common reasons people watch TV
8.How might the audience ‘read’ media texts differently?
9.Discuss how social networking impacts our lives?
10.Explore desensitisation and catharsis

Help with question 5
Recall the discussion we had last week on the effects of Pornography on society.
Make sure you discuss-
Pornography's effects on crime and domestic violence, Women whose partners have been habitually using pornography feel betrayed, Porn decreases satisfaction of participants with their sex lives and partners and effects relationships, porn devalues traditional relationships and family values, porn films gets more hardcore we need to question where is this industry going?

There is a wealth of info online. Look at studies of effects of pornography on society.
Help with Question 6
Help with Question 9
Consider -
Cyber bullying
work distraction
social network addiction
making our strong ties weaker and our weak ties stronger
vulnerable young people and the dangers
Help with Question 8
Recall Stuart Hall and 3 positions we read media texts.
Consider Active & Passive media consumption.
Use examples of how you read media texts.
(this is the smallest section).
Help with Question 7
Explain McQuails Typology and the four reasons we watch TV.
Include examples of media texts for each of the four categories.
Ensure that you add examples of your own media consumption.
Help with question 10
Explain both Desensitization and Catharsis theory in relation to media consumption.
Use examples of media texts to explain these theories.
Explore the theory and add your personal opinion.
Challenge the theory if you disagree with it.
hand in: THURSDAY 11th April 2013
by 4pm
Explain Uses & Gratifications Theory
Does this theory work for you
Explain how media is used to grattify certain needs
The audience is active and more in control.
modern theory
Criticisms of this theory?
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