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Greenbacks of the Fall

Considerations for a successful Fall Greenback Foray

dan kiazyk

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Greenbacks of the Fall

Greenback Walleye;
Where do they go?

Where do you go?
Size, colour, style, and bait.....do matter
and the rewards can be big..
Jig or troll?
Gearing up
So what kind of gear considerations might have an impact on the question:
...maybe its the Jigs, Rigs or Cranks?
Red River
The Winnipeg river too...
Weather Patterns/Systems
Water Temperature
What factors effect the bite?
Current (upstream and instream conditions)
Photo Period
Greenbacks of the Fall
Fall river fishing ......where do they go?
Strategic considerations
Other influences on success
October 26th 2014
Dan Kiazyk
Cat Eye Outfitter

Visit Dan on;
Facebook :
Dan Kiazyk
Cat Eye Outfitter
Twitter: @cateyeoutfitter

....maybe the Rods and Reels
....maybe the Line
Long line trolling
- until you tick bottom
Controlled drifting (jig drifting) with
your trolling motor or trolling upstream
with a blade and live bait - a one/two
Think specific structure jigging - return on your depth finder is key;
The harder (rocks) the echo, the hotter and thicker the color
Run 'n gun - 30 minutes and
move with a milk run in mind
Sit and dead stick a jig on a noodle rod
Day movements - Shallower am.
and deeper during the day.
shallower to end the day
Consider the time of year: troll more earlier in the season. Sit more,,, later in the season
"Draw down"
pushes the
'walleyes largely
north for a week or two
Southerly winds...
The seiche effect is when the weight of lake Wpg acts like a plug for the rivers -generally a good bite
Drift a bag
-drag and pop
a jig with bait
Northerly winds:
Low and high water years: High water means you'll go shallower to find walleye.....Low water... less current usually means fewer walleye
......and lastly, maybe the terminal tackle
Into the current
Mud, Rocky runs & boulders
Bait: Fresh, frozen salted,
live minnows

the boat
More "Gumbo" as we go north to the lake. I'll troll more in the south and jig more in the north...boulders=fish
The walleye's colour in our rivers is related to the limestone rock in these waters
Hicks Quarry E. Selkirk
Keeping track of fish caught
while trolling: as high as 70% caught going into the current
the rivers empty
out as the lake
goes north - the bite
may slow down on the Red River
Boat concentrations and traffic; A lot of people fishing on a spot is a good sign but it means less fish to go around.......
Generally, slow down
as it gets colder.
Go down a size
...or two
some days
Rattle sometimes....
...and now for
the real stars of this seminar
So "where" might greenback fishing be best...this Fall?
and "where"
"where" also includes depth
for trolling
Shorter or longer
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