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How A Video Gets To Your Phone

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Clayton Michek

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of How A Video Gets To Your Phone

First you open up your app lets say YouTube.
Second you contact YouTube search server for the video you want to veiw. The main server for YouTube is located in San Bruno, CA So when you ask for the video if you are in the US it will go to this server first. Then it will break the video up into packets to send back to you. And just to keep this simple we will stick to this server but there are a bunch around the world with redundant backups of the video you are trying to watch. After your phone starts receiving the packets it arranges the packets together so that it can start playing your video back for you. This is constantly sending packets back to the YouTube server so that it knows what you have watched. And once finished it sends back a notification to count it as a view on the video. In between these two locations the packets are bouncing off all kinds of other networks to get to where it needs to be. After all this the server counts the video for one more view and sends that view count to all the other servers around the world. This has been a quick very simplified version of what actually happens when you watch a YouTube video.
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