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Text Features

No description

Reem Asy

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Text Features

Text Features
A title is name for a book .Titles help readers infer what the text is going to be about.
Captions is a description under a picture, Captions help readers figure out what's going on in a photo.
A photograph is a picture taken by a camera. Photographs give the reader information about the text in a visual way. They also help tell the story.

A diagram explains how something works ex: food chain.This helps the reader understand parts of the text.This helps readers understand the text by showing them in a visual way.

A timeline is a bunch of events in order in history.Timelines help the reader understand the order of events.You usually see timelines in history.
A map is a picture showing where places, countries and oceans are.Maps help the reader understand where an event happend/happens.
A Glossary is at the back of a book with a bunch of words and definitions. Glossary helps the reader understand the definitions of the words in the text.You mostly see a glossary in a math book
Table of Contents
Table of contents is in the beginning of a book showing what pages the chapters are on chapters. Table Of Contents helps the reader to find a chapter or different topic on a specific page.
Subtitles are little titles for each paragraph. Paragraphs help readers break down information from a text into smaller parts for an easier understanding.
Bold writing helps readers by drawing their eye to the most important points in a the text.
Italics are similar to bold lettering but italics draw in the readers attention to certain points in a text.
Indexes help readers find an important idea and definition at the back of the book and lists the page number that its found on.
a table lists certain facts depending on a topic this helps readers by making it easier to find facts. You usually see tables in lots of text books.
A heading is almost the same thing as a title, it is a title for a section of a book. This helps a reader predict the section of the book.
Graphs is a drawing that explains whats going on, this helps the reader understand what is going on in the text.
A chart is just like a graph it shows information that the reader may need to know.This shows the reader an image of whats going on the text.
Different Fonts
Different fonts are the same as italics and bold writing, they grab the readers attention.
Bullets and lists
Bullets and lists are similar they both help the reader break down information into small points.
This is a title
This is a caption
this is a diagram
this is a timeline
these are photographs
this is a map
this is a subtitle
this is a glossary
this is a table of contents
these are are different types of italics
this is a heading
these red dots are bullet points
this is a list
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