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Jazz in Canada 1920s

No description

yazmine newcombe

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Jazz in Canada 1920s

Jazz in Canada 1920s Jazz originated in the U.S in New Orleans at the turn of the century. It was a mixture of European and African it was rhythmic and very expressive.
Jazz players played music that was from rhythms from the blues. Who Jazz is music that can be fast or slow or boogie-woogie or both. The name was given in the 1920s because the 1920s were called " The Jazz Age". What Where Jazz was played in public dance halls, clubs, tea rooms with dances called the shimmy, turkey trot, chicken scatch, monkey glide, bunny hug and cake walk. These dances were inspired black slaves. Why Musicians became more individual when playing there instruments. They wanted to tell their own stories. How When The 1920s Radio and phonograph records brought jazz to areas where no bands played. Musical theatre brought jazz to Broadway. Bands were called rag time bands. There were musicians like Louis Armstrong ,Duke Ellington,Joseph "King Oliver" Oliver , Bessie Smith , Benny Goodman bd Ma Rainey.
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