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Psychological Case Study

No description

Anna Sutterfield

on 13 December 2017

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Transcript of Psychological Case Study

Charlie Brown - Social Anxiety Disorder
The main character of the comic and show, Peanuts, usually appears as an optimistic child but he shows signs of social anxiety disorder. He has an irrational fear that his peers are judging and analyzing his shortcomings and therefore doesn't have many close friends.
Ian Gallagher- bipolar disorder
Bipolar disorder is characterized by periods of manic highs and depressive debilitating lows that can be caused by genetics, environment and altered brain structure and chemistry.
This disorder is characterized by severe, ongoing anxiety that interferes with everyday activities.
Jane Doe- Somatic Symptom Disorder
This disorder is characterized by significant focus on physical symptoms, such as pain or fatigue, causing major emotional distress and problems functioning.
Nina Sayers- Bulimia Nervosa
This disorder is a serious eating disorder in which the individual binges and then purges their food through forced vomiting or laxatives.
Psychological Case Study
Social anxiety disorder is characterized by the irrational fear of every day social interactions causing anxiety, self-consciousness and embarrassment.
The best way to treat this disorder would first be cognitive behavior therapy or psychotherapy. If that proves to be ineffective for Charlie, some medications that could be helpful to his condition are Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI), Antidepressants or sedatives.
We see signs of this condition in this teen from the show, "Shameless" in his drastic mood swings. For days on end we could see him depressed and spending all his time in bed but then we can see him flip on a dime to his manic hypersexual and reckless behaviors. This dramatic change can happen at any time and makes his actions often unpredictable.
Some methods that could help Ian are support groups, cognitive behavior therapy and various medication such as anticonvulsant, antipsychotic and SSRI
The main character of the 2010 movie, Black Swan can be seen in various scenes throwing up her last meal in order to maintain her lean physique. She also shows signs of many other disorders including OCD and psychosis.
Support groups and behavior therapy are the most common methods for treating this disorder but if it becomes severe, intervention may be needed with a strict diet plan for the individual.
Piglet- Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Piglet is in constant fear, needing his friends to go along with him to protect him and make him feel safe. He is noticeably ashamed of his anxiety, causing him to shows symptoms such as speech impairment, stress and general nervousness.
Treatment for this disorder includes mindfulness therapy, behavior therapy and psychotherapy as well as medications including SSRI, Anxiolytic and antidepressants
Jane exhibits this through emotional break downs over her feelings of back pain and lack of rest causing fatigue. Her pain and fatigue is real but her extreme response to this pain is a result of her disorder.
Psychotherapy would be recommended to learn to manage stress, learn how to cope with physical symptoms and improve daily function. In severe cases, medication such as antidepressants can help reduce the symptoms of this disorder.
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