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Examopedia Uoplt

Session 0016 @ UoP 2010 Supporting Exam revision with GTalk and Examopedia wiki Manish Malik CC-BY - UoP 2010. Creative commons.

manish malik

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Examopedia Uoplt

Examopedia #UOPLT Exam Revision Issues Students Approaches What do they use? Whats the big idea? Anxiety Evidence? Isolation Over confidence Performance Student retention Exam Weeks 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Cramming the night before the exam Past Exam papers (85%), N=96 Lecture slide google and wikipedia group study lecture notes revision lecture Library resources Level M Data 83% of the respondents agreed that they use Examopedia
32% students actively contributed to various answers from time to time
Average Time spent on page - 3 Minutes 30 secs (approx)
This stabalised 4 days beofre the exam (flat) during which 4 edits took place.
A total of 18 edits took place on the site in the run up to exam (15 day period) Questionnaire data 490 students have used it Both UG and PGlevel Level 1 Data 100% students used Examopedi during over a month.
Again 32% students actively contributed to various answers from time to time
The Average time on page was 6 minutes (approx)
This stabalisation happened 4 days before the exam during which 50 edits took place.
A total of 62 edits took place in the run up to the exam (1 month). Research Questions
1.How many students used Examopedia, how and when?
2.What impact does the use of Examopedia has on student learning and exam related anxiety with respect to full time HE students preparing for their tests or end of unit exams? students solve past papers collaboratively online tutor provides formitive feedback students engage and improve answers cycle continues Individually Portsmouth June 2010 By Manish Malik Dept. of Electronics and Computer Engineering
University of POrtsmouth, UK
manmalik (twitter) Acknowledgements This work would not have been completed
without the help from staff at the ExPERT
during my secondment there.

The authour extends special thanks to
Prof. Lesley-jane Ealse Reynolds
for her continuous support and in
developing Examopedia to its current state. This study presents data on an M level and a Level 1 group (N=38 and 58 respectively)

The Response rate was 52% over all. (53% and 51%)

Used 25 Likert scale questions and wo free text boxes.

Also Google Analytics was used to capture site usage data. 95% respondents agreed that Examopedia ‘helped them identify topics for revision’.
95% respondents agreed that the collaboration enabled by Examopedia ‘helped them revise better’.
95% respondents thought that Examopedia provided ‘valuable peer and tutor feedback’.

90% respondents thought, of which 35% strongly agreed, that Examopedia helped ‘broaden their knowledge of some topics’.
80% respondents agreed that Examopedia ‘helped them access the collective intelligence of fellow students’.
80% respondents thought, of which 45% strongly agreed, that Examopedia helped ‘increase their depth of understanding’.

70% respondents that Examopedia ‘helped reduce exam related stress’.

100% respondents, of which 65% strongly agreed, that they will use Examopedia ‘again where possible’.

Sample free text comments from questionnaire:
•Examopedia was very interactive and enlightening and went long way to help clear doubts
•Activate it in the Christmas holidays
•Only a few people contribute, most did not try to solve any questions
•Very useful to read what others are thinking about some particular question.
•Some of the answers can be confusing Conclusion Examopedia was used mainly during 15-20 days in the run up to the exam by a majority of students.
Multiple edits show how contributions, guidance, further contributions made revision an interactive and less stressful process.
The site encourages student centric learning as guidance is provided on specific topics that students have actually shared.
The site also is a teacher centric tool to deliver Just-in-time teaching if needed.
Many students confirmed that the service helps address the issue of anxiety and stress related with exam.
There were less active contributors and more passive users for Examopedia.
However, the majority of the students did benefit from it and are willing to use it again.
There are technical issues that we have learnt lessons from and have decided to make the necessary changes to further improve the student experience in using the service.
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