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Angie's Presentation - Caribbean & Haiti Travel Services Globalization

By Martha L. Gutierrez

Vivian Nunez

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Angie's Presentation - Caribbean & Haiti Travel Services Globalization

COF Travel Agency Implementation

Caribbean & Haiti
For the Traveler:
Consistent service delivery.

Access to self-booking tools.

Access to mobile applications.

Ability to book hotels through the agency.

Emergency service after hours.

Seamless integration of technology.

Expected Benefits of Consolidation
Technological platform managed by Ultramar.

One telephone system tracking service standards.

Agent team for COF located in strategic local markets, with centralized management from HQ.

One reservations system across all countries (Sabre).

Global Portal with access to on-line booking tool.

Bank policy administered centrally.

Consistency in data tracking and reporting.

Single form of payment and central reconciliation.

Local Service with Central Management

For COF:
Access to global airline discounts (expected cost savings 8-12%).

Consistent application of travel policies.

Improved reports (carbon footprint).

More streamlined travel invoice reconciliation.

More transparency by travel agency when presenting costs.

For IDB:
Better access to travel data for decision-making.

Consistency in reporting and metrics (globally, regionally, locally).

Fast and accurate traveler tracking in emergencies.

Next Steps...

Identify the implementation champions & role:
Act as a contact point with TSG during implementation.
Validate the service requirements and identify any unique local travel market conditions.
Actively participate in the weekly implementation meetings (teleconferencing).
Communicate with local staff regarding the progress of implementation.
Provide feedback until the program stabilizes.

Next Steps...
Testimony of Beatriz Genes Administrative sector – Paraguay-

Patricio Cortes testimony
RPA - Chile

With Ultramar we have seen a number of important benefits like a better understanding traveler needs and preferences and better service delivery, which is allows us to optimize resources for increased efficiency. The most important benefit has been IT access to on-line reservations.

In other words, we have noticed that well implemented information technologies result in better interaction between airlines and hotels, achieving benefits for all.”

Travel Services Globalization
Marcos Olmedo
RPA- Argentina
Sofía Salvagno
RPA - Uruguay
Review of travel program, policies, processes and practices.

Globalization of travel services was a previous observation of AUGU:
multiple travel agencies throughout COF & 59% of them had no formal contract in place.

2013: RFP performed to consolidate travel agency services & introduce comprehensive program to manage travel.

Evaluation team comprised of Representatives from across the Bank and Country Departments selected Ultramar Travel.

HQ implementation took place in April 2014 & COF began in March 2015.

“We are satisfied by the change and like to see happy travelers"
Argentina, Chile, Paraguay & Uruguay
: March 2015 - COMPLETED
: June 2015 - COMPLETED
Ecuador, Peru & Venezuela
: September 2015 - COMPLETED
: October 2015 - COMPLETED
Central America, Dominican Republic & Mexico
: November 2015 - COMPLETED
: January 2016 - COMPLETED
Caribbean & Haiti
: March/April 2016 - PLANING UNDERWAY
Survey COF staff to identify expectations for the new agency.

Discovery site visits by TSG to better understand travel requirements.

Comprehensive Training for all COF staff (2nd site visit).
Training on travel policy and procedures & what to expect on “go-live” date.
Navigation of the new travel portal & creation of travel profiles.

Thank You
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