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info about hotel UiTMPP

No description

Ku Mahirah Jamil

on 18 June 2014

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Transcript of info about hotel UiTMPP

Front office Design and Layout
Front Office Hotel UiTMPP
- Our group had given a task spatial designed area for Hotel UITMPP which is front office. Front office for hotel UiTMPP was designed with casual concept. As we know, front office area is a social space. Social space is that area within which the individual expects to make purely social contacts on a temporary basis.
- But,for back office is personal space is that area within which a person allows only certain friends, or fellow workers with whom personal conversation is compulsory.
New Interior design
Concept : Nature
To apply in spatial area which is Front Office. As we understand nature concept is a concept with two major sets of inter-related meanings, referring on the one hand to the things which are natural, or subject to the normal working of "laws of nature", or on the other hand to the essential properties and causes of those things to be what they naturally are, or in other words the laws of nature themselves.

Theme : Bamboo
The concept can be seen at the wall of front office where we use the fake bamboo to cover the wall to separate the front office and back of Fake bamboo is crafted with our decorative fake bamboo foliage. The ornate silk leaves appear delicate, but the fake bamboo is a very durable artificial plan.

3D sketch up RENDERING
Problem and Solution
At the back of the house, the arrangements of furniture are not appropriate and look crowded and also not maximize the space.
Solution: We change with the suitable furniture that can maximize space and arrange it properly and added others furniture such as

Don’t have safety equipment.

Solution: We added fire extinguish beside the door for safety purpose. We also added water sprinkle

The original floor, they use mozek and it shows old style. The color is white then it quite dirty.

Solution: We change the floor with marble floor at front and at the back we use wooden floor. It looks more shiny and easy for cleaning process.

Computer not enough and they work will be delay
Solution: We add more computers at front office and back of the office then the work will run smoothly by split the job to make work easier.

The location of the safety box not accurate because guest can see it.

Solution: We allocate the safety box with new model at the back of the house.
front door wooden half glaze
CGM Storage Personnel Shift Lockers Birch
File & Electrical Cabinet
Computer/ Ordinate / Equip
office table set
AXO Light-Muse
Ceiling lamp
All in one printer
Fire Extinguish
Safety Box
Water Sprinkler
Verifiable credit card terminal with thermal receipt printer
ceramic vase
Office table
Wood Floor Dark
Grey Marble Tile
Fake Bamboo
Floor Plan
Floor at Back office
Floor at front office
Back Office

Back Office
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