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Social Justice Issue: Teen Pregnancy

No description

Arielle Fernandez

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Social Justice Issue: Teen Pregnancy

Surrounding Problems Emotionally/mentally/physically unprepared for the setbacks that may come with the birth of a child.
Teenagers are essentially still maturing themselves.
Religious interference regarding the option of abortion.
Situational differences:

Not very many programs in supporting teen mothers completing their education. a) different forms of support
b) initial intentions Affecting Society Does in fact affect society at large.
2004: Cost of teen pregnancy on the US public funding system was $9.1 billion.
Billions of taxpayers' hard-earned money given to, 80% of the time, irresponsible teenagers.
Neglected&suffering: Taxpayers and teen parents Where? When? How? Seeing Things From Two Sides: The Pros and Cons PRO: CON: Physical pain and emotional turmoil
Loss in education
Other forms of support
Financial demand from raising a child Educated Point of View - dedicated to the benefits and rights children deserve in hopes that they pass down to future generations the principle of resonsible behavior - reduce teenage and unintended pregnancy and absentee fatherhood *) Local Orgnaizations of Support The Catholic Church As the Bible says, "she who is self-indulgent is dead even while she lives" (1 Tim. 5:6). In layman's terms, if they do not approve of premarital sex, teen pregnancy is obviously also an sin. Current Event After a long decline, the teenage pregnancy rate has begun to rise yet again. According to The New York Times, teen pregnancy had increased by 3% from 2005-2006. Recommendation by Gisela Meier. Bibliography Clemmitt, M. (2005, June 24). Birth-control debate. CQ Researcher, 15, 565-588. Retrieved from http://library.cqpress.com/cqresearcher/ LEWIN, TAMAR. "After Long Decline, Teenage Pregnancy Rate Rises." New York Times (2010): A14. Web. 05 Feb 2011. <http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/27/us/27teen.html>. Clemmitt, M. (2010, March 26). Teen pregnancy. CQ Researcher, 20, 265-288. Retrieved from http://library.cqpress.com/cqresearcher/ Clark, C. S. (1991, July 5). Teenagers and abortion. CQ Researcher, 1, 441-464. Retrieved from http://library.cqpress.com/cqresearcher/ Glazer, S. (1993, May 15). Preventing teen pregnancy. CQ Researcher, 3, 409-432. Retrieved from http://library.cqpress.com/cqresearcher/ The New American Bible: Washington, DC: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2002. Mack, Stan, and Ida Spruce. Kids Still Having Kids: Talk About Teen Pregnancy. Rev. ed. 1. Danbury, Conn.: Franklin Watts, 1999. 1-159. Print. Thank You For Watching By Arielle Fernandez that's what you get for leaving yourself logged in in the library
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