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Set up Your Edmodo Classroom

No description

David Ross

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Set up Your Edmodo Classroom

David Ross, Culver City Middle School davidross@ccusd.org
Todd Teetzel, Culver City Middle School, toddteetzel@ccusdorg How to Set Up an Edmodo Digital Classroom How To Set Up A Class Polls Assignments Student and Teacher Collaboration Sign up for free Tests and Quizzes -Create quick assessments or unit exams for each class. Getting Students in and Managing them They sign up in the same manner as you did.
You will give each class a different group code.
As a middle school, I don't let them use their personal emails, I have them write it down in their planners.
You have access to their name and password if they forget. You are going to log into my fake CUE Class Click here to join A great way to review previously taught material. You can assign students to work on assignments in Edmodo here.
You upload assignments saved on your computer through your word processor.
You can link to an assignment on Google Docs, just needs to be public.
You can link Youtube videos for them to watch and respond.
The kids can save assignments in their digital Backpack.
You can also set when the assignment shows up on their screen. - Everyone say "Hi"
- Now tell the class how you can use Edmodo in the
your classroom next week. Enter the group code
ufpipa We have a few questions for you to answer.
Please take our poll Answers come to you in real time This button allows you to create one. - Choose between one of the following types of questions: -The function gives the student
and teacher instant feedback. -Dramatically increase the time
it takes you to grade and pass back
tests. - This is an amazing tool to encourage
group work, class collaboration, whole
class study session outside school.
- Under the "manage students" tab you can
make small groups for the students to turn
in work or to study for a test. Thank you and I hope you will enjoy this amazing classroom tool.
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