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Parallel Journeys Timeline

No description

Luis Arenas

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Parallel Journeys Timeline

Parallel Journeys
Parallel Journeys was written by Eleanor Ayer. Parallel Journeys was published in 1995.
Helen Waterford
1. Hitler started
discriminating Jews.
2. Helen gets married to
3. Kristallnacht; Helens brother and father
are taken to concentration camps.
4. Helen and Siegfried move to Holland.
5. Helen and Siegfried have a daughter named Doris.
6. They go into hiding and give Doris away to an Aryan family.
Alfons Heck
Rachel Walter
Bailey Baker
Ashley Salter
Jerry Poldervart
Helen, Siegfried, and Doris.
Will she survive through
World War 2?
8. Germany surrenders
9. Helen searches for Doris
10. Finds Doris and moves to America.
7. Helen is released from the factory
and Concentration Camp.
Major Conflict:
Character Vs. Society
1. Hitler comes into power.
2. Joined the Hitlerjugend.
3. Promoted to the Jungvolk.
4. Experiences Kristallnacht.
5. Germany expands its borders.
6. Forced to join the Flieger Hitlerjugend.
7. Started Luftwafte training.
8. Failed his 1st test but got a second try and
becomes a commander.
9. Goes into fighting with army but retreats.
11. American police take him to custody but
let him go.
12. French put him on trial and give him execution.
13. Sees that Hitler killed himself.
10. War ends, Alfons finds out truth about Hitler.
Main Conflict:
Character Vs. Society
Will Alfons listen to hilter or what he thinks is right.
Wittlich, Germany
Alfons, Rabbit and Hitler.
Holland; Ausiwitch; America
14. Was let go from prison and moved to Canada.
Give up hope?
Keeps faith and lives
through the war?
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