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PERRIER & Marketing Communication

No description

Elena Sheveleva

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of PERRIER & Marketing Communication

& Marketing Communication
Evolution of Perrier marketing, contemporary strategy
Promotional Mix
Perrier's Planning Strategy
1.-Use creative advertising in non traditional media.

2.-Positioning your product and your brand values in terms of extreme refreshmen for sexy upscale clientelle.

3.-Keep an eye on your quality process!! and fuck the environment.
Personal Selling
- Mostly mass selling
- London club campaign
Mass Selling
Sales Promotion
- Mobile coupons
- Print coupons
- Digital mass offers
Great positive press coverage for its innovative advertising campaign
Nestle's negative publicity for ecological impact
tries to mitigate with CSR
Mass Selling

bottle and logo
water (flavors)
~1 billion bottles per year shipped to ~140 countries
Price (currently at Walmart.com)
San Pellegrino $2.32/l
Other Nestle waters $0.90/l
Target Audience
- edgy, "club" crowd
- mature
- recent focus on the "under 40s"
Kind of Advertising
Experiential, Interactive, Innovative
Le Club
Dita von Teese
The Secret Place (video soon!)
Media Types
Mobile coupons
Print media
In-Store Installations
Copy Thrust
Generally associated with
Example: the "le club" cocktail napkin, phone call, text and web copy
Who Will Do the Work?
Perrier has a long relationship with Ogilvy & Mather
Public Relations
Sales Promotion
Public Relations - Internet
Late 1970s Roland Garros
or French Open
2011 official partner of
the Legends Trophy

Public Relations

Press kits, press releases, large selection of images

- Mixology by Perrier

1981- 2005 annual comedy award in the UK,
known as "The Perriers"

-Contamination with benzene

-Recalling of all bottles worldwide

-Problem Unfavorable publicity, affecte brand image.

-Crisis Management, inform all that is happening to our customers.

-Relaunching the product with new packing,
'Welcome Back' promotional campaign,
'Nouvelle production'

Consumer promotions (pull)
Creating Value for customers
From value of product to values of life
Reputation for creativity and marketing panache
2011 Mixing magic
Mixology by Perrier guide
2012 - Melting hearts
'Melting' TV commercials

Translation- [It's crazy!]
Sexy, fun, mad, upscale, crazy and refreshing.

What is Perrier?
-A brand of bottled mineral water
-Founded in 1863
-Located in Vergeze, France

Sparkling natural mineral water, with no calories and fortified with gas from the source.

- #1 in terms of sales in the world
-700 million bottles a year
-140 countries, 5 continents
- Frenchness was seen as 'chic'
and aspirational to the middle class
- Champagne of mineral water

Brief History
s - Mineral water boom.

Benzene scare -

Bought by rival Nestlé in year

Restructuring plan for Perrier -

Today, Perrier, at 150 years, lures younger, hotter audience to Its "Secret Place"

What self-respecting barman would begin to shake without Perrier at hand?
Well-known Brand all over the world
'Emotional' marketing
“Warhol’s creativity and eccentricity are a great fit with Perrier’s brand personality so this was a natural way to bring the two together,” said Gauthier Gay, International Brands Group Marketing Manager. “Perrier has a long tradition of involvement in the arts so this is a fitting tribute in celebration of our 150th anniversary.”
The message...
1990 - Benzene Crisis
-Perrier's History
-Evolution of Marketing
-Promotional Mix
-Strategy Planning for Advertising
1990 - lost of reputation and brand awareness?
benzene was found in the bottles of Perrier water

recalling of all bottles worldwide

relaunching the product with new packaging -
'Welcome Back' promotional campaign -
'Nouvelle production'
C'est fou!
'The ultimate source of refreshment against
the ultimate source of heat'
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