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Flipped Classroom Instructions for Parents

Purpose, reasoning, instructions, and expectations for "Flipped Classroom"

Nichole Carter

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of Flipped Classroom Instructions for Parents

How can students watch the videos?
Get videos for a concept on a flash drive and watch on home computer!
Online at school through edmodo (before school, during lunch, or after school in the CLC, or teacher's classrooms.)
Online at home through the link to the video. The link is posted on edmodo, on online calendars, and tweeted. On a computer or any internet-capable mobile device (like a cell phone).
1) Take notes in packet spirals (depends on teacher and class needs)

One of two options depending on the video:
Something we went over that you didn't quite get, and explain where you get stuck
If NEEDED parents will sign the bottom of the "WSQ", verifying that the student watched the video and wrote their Summary/Question

Sometimes a parent might get a phone call about missing homework!
Research, Theory, and Background...
Review of important video concepts or reading, writing, projects etc.
Reminders to students and parents...
Pause the video if the teacher goes too fast.

(Learn the power of the pause button!)
Rewind the video if you need to hear the teacher again.
Turn off your phone!
Close facebook, email, and other internet windows.
Wear headphones to limit distractions.
Don't watch in school library unless you have to.

(Go to a teacher's room for a less distracting environment!)
What we do in class...
My internet breaks down at night and I thought it was working...
Come in the morning
with a
flash drive
. You'll watch the video in class in the morning and get the videos on flash drive for the rest of the week!
I am absent
You still must keep up with the videos that your classmates are watching and come prepared with the notes when you return.

You must make up the in class work on your own within the next day, coming in for tutoring if you need further explanation from the video or in class work.
I did not watch the video before class time (for whatever reason)
I did not complete my S (summary) or Q (question) parts of the homework
Let the teacher know when they do homework check.

If time is available, students will watch the video in class and will
have to complete the in class work and the NEW video at home that night

You will lose out on the opportunity:
to ask questions,
to work with your classmates, and
to get my individual attention.

You will receive late credit for the assignment.
You must complete it before joining class that day and will receive late credit for the assignment. This information is critical for the teacher!
Watch by yourself and NOT with friends.

(So you can go at your individual pace without pressure from others!)
flipped classroom infographic originally from

Also original prezi from Mrs. Kirch @

If you want more information she is a great resource!
Why did I specifically flip my honors language arts class this year?
Engagement and motivation
STEM integration (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
Embracing technology for STEM
Finding time for everything! STEM, PBL (project based learning), proficiencies, writing, debates, and novels!
The Flipped Classroom
At the end of this presentation you should be able to understand what is required at home for homework, and what makes up a flipped classroom model.
Mrs. Carter's info:
(503)359-2465 ext 5107
Or scan the QR code to the left!



Take Notes
After summary, write the
Current Parent Feedback
In April we had our Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences and I was able to ask the parents for some feedback on the flipped model. Here are some of their comments:
February Survey; In Their Own Words...
“The video is extremely helpful for me because I learn by listening and images.”
Last year homework turn in was about 50-60%
Current Data
OAK's Reading Data
February Survey Results
78% said that they were putting in a good amount of effort at
My Own Reflections
With STEM and PBL integration this has helped me in time management in class.
“It has been good for me to hear the information that is being given for the class so that I know what is expected and can help with the homework. I love this class model!”
Parent Feedback (cont.):
76% Enjoy the new style
Common Misconceptions…

Homework motivation
“Since the homework is quick I have time to do other things. I still learn a lot though. And because we do most of the learning at home there is time to do fun activities in class.”
“I think that working with other people encourages us to really dig deep into the topic we are on.”
“I think we cover more material (or have the potential to cover more material) throughout the school year with flipped learning. Not only do we have the opportunity to participate in more interactive, interesting lessons and activities during class, but we can listen to the lectures at home in a more comfortable environment, which makes it easier to process and actually follow the lecture/lesson. I personally like the fact that we can learn in our pajamas, and lie sprawled across a relaxing bed, all the while improving our knowledge in the different areas of language arts. I unfortunately have not been able to enjoy this very often, as I have a major procrastination issues when it comes to homework…”
This is consistent with the majority of the school’s data
Now I see on average 70-80% turn in
I also do a lot more interventions then last year as the homework is critical to student success
My students do the homework, it is actually a higher amount of students doing their work as compared prior to the flip
The feedback shows that they enjoy it.
I offer a “Viewing Party” every Wednesday for people to catch up
The ipads in my room are separate from flipping
The person I use as a resource for flipping has only TWO computers in her room, and she is on her second year of flipping.
Offer videos on thumb drives too!
The data shows they are going back and watching the videos if they need to see the content again! Some videos have 200+ views
18,500 views total on the videos for my class!
66 videos in total for the first year!
They re-watch!
Lack of technology doesn’t seem to hinder them.
38% Think it is easier than other HW
Instead of wasting precious class time on the simple matter of note taking we are able to do more in depth analysis together.
This year has been a learning experience
Most that is out there is made for science and math NOT language arts.
I have tried over the year to make it easier on myself, guided notes were good for some but not all and it was a lot more work on top of the videos.
What is next for me…
Truly differentiated, self-paced classroom with many one-to-one interventions
“It is great that she will have a better opportunity to discuss the theory or the concepts in class w/the instructor. This way they don't have to waste time (so little they've got).”
“She jumps on it right away.”
“Homework is not an issue, where in other cases can be a challenge - especially if he is stuck on a topic or problem. Watching YouTube videos with the academic content and taking notes during the process is a great use of time.”
“I have noticed my student enjoys the homework does the homework several times a week, and I feel like it is a positive and exciting change to homework.”
Do you have any questions or concerns or any feedback on what you have noticed from your students this year using this model?
“I think it's great as it is the model of the future.”
“The technology glitches can be very frustrating, sometimes.”
When asked if the student watched the video on time at night 76% answered that they did, 19% said sometimes, and the others said it depended on the night.
93% of the students felt that the videos, notes, and in class activities were the most important and helpful part of the flipped classroom model.
98% felt like they were putting in a good amount of effort in class, so a slight improvement from the “at home” work ethic
93% of my students felt that after watching all the concepts on the videos and doing a walk through of the test in class were confident in their ability to take their first attempt.
My Own Reflections
At home efforts:
In-class Effort:
What have you noticed at home with your student and watching the video homework?
(Because I have students using all sorts of different devices I have noticed that sometimes certain devices will not submit the digital Google form- this is what this parent is referring to.)
2) Copy notes &
highlighting according to teacher directions
3) Do activities to apply knowledge if asked in the video.
(in OWN words) in packet
1) Talk in detail about the most important parts of the video
2) Focus on the steps being shown, and vocabulary being introduced.
**Students will be asked to be ready to discuss their summaries and their answers in class. They must be able to write it in a way that they could explain to someone else.
If you understood everything... what is an important question that you need to know the answer to after watching the video?
A question about something that was explained/ or practiced in the lesson that you don't know how to do
How is the homework graded?
Currently the students submit a digital form.
I grade their notes in class.
I grade their summaries and questions in a digital format.
Post Link in Edmodo
Post the link in a tweet!
What does it look like at home?
At table, at desk, wherever is quiet and easy to take notes.
They pause and rewind as needed.
Some teachers might have a packet, some might have a spiral journal for note taking.
Occasionally they will work on applying the knowledge
Math a few problems
Language arts writing a sentence or analyzing a paragraph.
For some teachers
they will type their summaries, and questions and then they will submit the digital form.
Oral questioning of important concepts
Sharing of questions that came up from video and discussing solutions together
Collaborative Activities, Writing and Literature proficiencies that we have been working towards in class together (regardless of the class you will be working on applying the knowledge learned from the videos).
Students should be sitting at a computer or other mobile device.
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