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A Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

No description

Rose Atkinson

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of A Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

A Happy and Healthy Lifestyle
Being Happy.
Being happy impacts a lot of things in your life such as:
your job, people will not want to employ a down, depressed person they want passionate happy workers;
your children, because if you have kids you do not want your down and pessimistic personality to rub off on them;
your social life, because your friends will not want to hang around a sad and depressed person and meeting new people will be harder due to the negative impression you will make.
In Short...
Basically just look after your body and brain so you can live a long and lovely life. I mean... YOLO!
It is extremely important that people live a happy and healthy lifestyle. The reason is that doing all this can give you a healthy, well functioning body and even a longer life expectancy. Being happy and healthy will help you be enthusiastic and passionate about life and guide you on your way to being successful.
Being Healthy
Being healthy includes regular exercise and having a healthy diet.. Doing all this will not just keep you healthy, but also happy. For example, running on a daily basis is not only great for your bones, muscles, legs, and arms it is also good for your brain. When you exercise your body releases endorphins in your brain which make you happy. Even though a lot of people say they do not enjoy running, their brain and body loves it!
Helping Yourself.
To be happy you have to put in some effort. You should do "mind-up" so you can calm your brain and make good decisions. Another idea is to eat healthily and exercise which makes you happy. Doing things which you enjoy is a great idea, it is a brilliant idea to go out there and give things a go. Seeing your friends and family, or people that make you happy, is fabulous because having a good social life will not just benefit you but also the other person.
Healthy Minds
Being healthy physically is not the only way to be healthy. It is also important to have a healthy mind as well. Having a healthy mind means being optimistic and not pessimistic, being empathetic and having a positive outlook on life. You can help yourself have a healthy mind by doing "Mind-Up", having a glass-half-full personality and having a good social life with lots of friends. This can help stop you being depressed.
Why its Important.
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