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Nike, goddess of victory

No description

sabrina bellew

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Nike, goddess of victory

Goddess of Victory Nike Nike's Family, Friends, and Foes Family Nike's Story It was the clash between the gods and the Titans. Zeus, the head god, needed allies to fight the Titans with. Styx brought in her four children, Nike, Bia, Zelos, and Kratos. Zeus made Nike the divine charioteer. She led the gods in battle against the Titans. She flew around the battlefield, blessing the gods with glory, fame, and victory. The gods defeated the Titans and began to rule the world. Nike's father, Pallas, disowned her as his daughter and became her enemy. From then on she was known as the goddess of victory. Nike Appearance Roles and Symbols Powers and Weaknesses Allies Enemies http://thanasis.com/store/nike.htm http://juliareich.wordpress.com/2010/11/ long, wavy hair white swan wings belt tied on waist white flowing dress cloak loose from hips olive wreath The best thing Nike is known for (other than being
a brand of sports apparel) is being the goddess of victory. Her main associations are war, politics, and sports. She would decide who would win wars, battles, and sporting events. Whenever someone wanted to win a battle, they would pray to Nike for success. In the fight between the Titans and Olympians, she steered the Olympians to victory on a chariot. other words for this are... Divine Charioteer Director of Celebrations Decider of Victory and Defeat http://reviews.crateandbarrel.com/7258/s653741/olive-wreath-reviews/reviews.htm http://mods.mybb.com/view/last-poster-trophy-on-postbit http://depositphotos.com/2075289/stock-photo-First-Second-Third-Place---Winners-with-Medals.html can alter the mortal world
can change outcome of war to her desire
make war as exciting as she wants
wing's color changes according to mood
speed and athletics
can sometimes be unfair or inconsistent in rewarding victories Nike's father is Pallas, or Spearholder, the Titan. Her mother is a nymph named Oileis or River of Divine Promise. Zeus later renamed her Styx (The River Styx). Her two brothers are Zelos and Kratos. Zelos means zeal and Kratos means strength. She has one sister named Bia, which means force. She has no husband or children. http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Pallas http://www.theoi.com/Daimon/Nike.html Her main allies were Athena, Apollo, Hermes, Little
Eros, Zeus, Prometheus, and Nereus. Being someone's alli meant you had that person's back. Whenever they were in trouble or asked you for help, you would be there for them. They would always pull for you in a fight and you would do the same for them. Being someone's alli was an important thing. http://irenes15121.blogspot.com/ http://manofdepravity.com/2010/02/social-media-practices-stats/shaking-hands/ Nike's enemies were Poseidon, Typhon, and Pallas. The main reason a god would be Nike's enemy was if she wouldn't grant them success. Even though Pallas was Nike's father, he still became her enemy because she led the gods in the war against the Titans. http://www.bestgeekblogever.com/tarsem-gets-it-right-again-with-immortals-film-review/ Nike is the greek goddess of victory. Even her name means victory. Everything she is associated with has something to do with winning a competition. She is always striving for and achieving excellence (since she is the goddess of victory). She is vigilant, decisive, swift, athletic, playful, and charming. Starting from the head down Nike's looks start with
long, wavy hair. She wears a flowing white dress
with a belt tied on her waist. She wears a loose cloak
from her hips and golden sandals. The main attraction
of Nike's appearance is her pair of white swan wings.
Sometimes she wears an olive wreath and on occasion
carries Athena's torch of enlightenment. Nike's symbol is her wings. Even the Nike brand's symbol
was inspired by the swoosh (curve) in her wings. http://danthemantrivia.wordpress.com/2009/06/23/nike-swoosh-designed-by-student/ http://www.shoeblog.com/forums/celebrity-style/20417-jeremy-scott-teddy-bear-sneakers-number.html Home Nike lived in Olympus with many other gods
and goddesses. http://www.fanpop.com/spots/greek-mythology/images/687267/title/zeus-wallpaper http://www.flyingchariot.co.uk/ Three Main Facts 1. Goddess of victory 2. Can control if someone wins or loses 3. Has giant wings By: Sabrina Bellew
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