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SPED Discipline 101 Sept 2013

레터릭 쇼 rhetoricShow@naver.com

Brooke STratton

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of SPED Discipline 101 Sept 2013

“Principals make many critical decisions each day, among those most critical are decisions involving effective student management. The goal is to help students make healthy decisions that enable them to achieve their goals."
Gillian Chapman

zoom out to the big picture
Special Ed Discipline
Principle 5: Manifestation Determinations
Principle 3: Rules in Discipline, Short Term is NOT a Change of Placement, Long Term Is
Principle 4: FAPE-Free Zone (10 days) and 11th Day Rule
Reflect: on options for providing services on the 11th OSS day?

Consider the purpose
Reflect: How does prevention look on your campus? How do teachers understand the concept?
Reflect: How do you know FAPE has not been violated when you provided traditional forms of discipline to a student with an IEP and when do we need to respond differently?
"It is important to track your days of OSS so you know when you are at your 10 day limit."

Mark Kelly

Reflect: What would you do if the student conduct needing discipline was found to NOT be a manifestation of the disability BUT the school failed to follow the IEP? How does that challenge the discipline process?

Zoom in for the details
Principle 1: Prevention
“Schools need to foster a caring and safe student focused culture.”

Debbie Pfortmiller
Reflect: How do the initial questions for the administrator assist you in deciding if you need to consider even one day of OSS?
"If a student is suspended for the 11th day, you must have an MDR and if another occurrence, requires additional OSS, you must have another MDR first."

Scott Sherman
"It is important to know who the LEA rep is and their role at the IEP and MDR meeting."

Eric Rembold
Principle 2: Understanding Discipline
"The first thing is to make sure if there is a BIP in place, that all who work with the child, are aware of the BIP and that it is being followed."

Mike Weiler
"Follow the flow chart and ask for assistance if an uncommon unfamiliar situations arises."

Susan Knight
"I know that every child is different and no child will follow the same path."

Karen Faucher
"The IEP team with the case manager's leadership needs to be proactive instead of always reacting."

Dick Kramer
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