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A brief History of me, and my relationship to design and art

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Edward Quinn

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of A brief History of me, and my relationship to design and art

In 2012 I became a dual citizen
Edward McIntosh Quinn
First, a little overview of me.
This part is British, shorted to Ted.
(but that usually confuses people)
Scottish (my mothers maiden name)
and this part is irish
But really I'm American and Canadian
Resume Overview
B.S. in Graphic Design from AI Minneapolis
My career as a designer hasn't been a straight path. I have worked for myself, had partners, worked at an agency, worked at a startup. Worked for entrepreneurs, artists, and fortune 500 companies. My body of work is varied and roles have been many...
Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota
FYI, The work isn't necessarily in chronological order. But is grouped in a much cleaner way then life usually groups things for us.
So feel free to follow the liner path, or explore on your own.
After college I decided that I wanted to focus on more creative pursuits. I dedicated the next couple years to learning, art, teaching myself to screen-print, and doing freelance work.
During this period of time, I taught myself how to screen-print. I started incorporating it into my art, but I also fell in love with doing gig posters allowing me to interact with some of my favorite bands.
Packaging Designer
After a period of great creative growth I decided it was time to go really pro. I took a Designer role at an industrial design agency called Worrell. Here I would work at high levels with major companys like Best Buy, Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, 3M, Qualcomm, Lenovo, General Mills, and many more.

As time went on at Worrell more and more of the industrial design products were becoming more of a screen than a 3d product. My plate began filling up with more interactive work.
In my last year of Worrell, I started up what would become two different art galleries with a few friends.
Web Designer
Ever since I created my first site on geocities.com I have always been digital inclined, but never as a specific job title. The web has always played a big part in my work.
Over the last year
Based in Palo Alto, Eat Club is a food tech company working to change how we are eating in the office. My task is a challenge in all the right ways, to completely and single handed rebrand the company from the ground up.

I started with a few guidelines, that we’re developed with the whole team.

- A B2B that looks and feels a little bit more like a B2C.
- Be fun, without being over the top. (I mean, it’s just lunch.)
- Be bold, but not garish.
My medium of choice was xylene image manipulation. I'm fascinated with the expected outcome of copying juxtaposed with the chaos of the chemical reactions. Make every copy unique.
Yup, that's handmade ASCII
This poster is far and away my favorite and it was mostly designed by first graders.

For this Valentines day show I asked a first grade class to draw up some valentines on poster paper, there were 3 simple rules.
1. Valentines Day
2. Robots
3. You must sign your work

Then I blind printed the show info on top.
This is one of the most impressive things to see.
This is all of the logo work done by Draplin Design Co.
all on one wall.
Graphic Designer at Worrell Design
Sr. Designer at Worrell Design
Curator & Partner, Co Exhibitions and XY&Z Gallery
Art Director & Partner Permanent Art & Design Group
Creative Lead, Eat Club
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