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Eloise A

on 15 July 2015

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Transcript of christmas

By Eloise Agnew 2015
In India, there is a special celebration called Diwali. Diwali is celebrating the return of Lord Rama
and people paint flowers with sand in front of their
houses as a form of welcome.
Germany Unity Day 5
Karneval 6
German Christmas 7
German Unity Day
German Unity Day is a public holiday commemorating the anniversary of when East Germany
and West Germany joined into one country, Germany in 1990.
Karneval is a big parade of circus like things
where people wear masks and go to party's at
night. During Kareval people have fun and eat
Krepple (donuts). But there is one rule, to break all of the rules.
German Christmas
On the German Christmas children leave old boots over night and if you are good all year Nicklaus will bring you some sweets and maybe
even a small present,however if you are bad
then you will get a stick.
A celebration is when a group of people get together to celebrate
traditions or beliefs.
Australian celebrations
Australia Day 9
Moomba 10
Australian Christmas 11

The Australian Christmas is an awesome
celebration. On Christmas you spend time with
your family, and if you are good all year, over night
Santa Claus will come and leave you presents.
Moomba is an Australian celebration
and is just like a big fair. In Moomba
people go on scary rides, play fun games, watch water skiing, and eat interesting foods.
On Australia Day we commemorate the settling in Australia. On Australia Day people go see
their families and usually have a BBQ when they
commemorate it.
Australia Day
Italian celebrations
Karneveal 13
Karneval characters 14
Befana 15
Buona Pasqua (happy Easter) 16
Italian Karneval
Karneval is all about breaking the rules and having
alot of fun. The idea of breaking the rules is a tradition in which you have to dress up as a Karneval character and cover your face with a mask.

Befana is like Santa because she flies around Italy dropping candy for the good children and coal for
the bad children. If a child see's Befana they will receive a knock with the end of her broom stick as she does not want to be seen.
Buona Pasqua!
Easter is one of the most important celebrations in Italy, it is like your birthday. On Easter (the Italian one) you don't celebrate, you remember and respect God and Jesus. They also eat delicious treats.
Karneval characters
Karneval has many characters that you dress up as to break the rules. All of the characters have a different personality that you have to show.
Here are some special characters from
Over 1,000 cherry blossoms line a river in Japan. In Japan there is a cherry blossom festival that is marked by wonderful lanterns showing you the festival. People put down blue or green tarps when they are having picnics under the cherry blossoms (very popular) to protect them from the "dirty dirt."
You eat very strange food like: octopus and bread,
chicken harts on a stick and many more things.

Cherry Blossom Festival
China/ Japan
Cherry Blossom Festival 19
Chinese New Year 20
Dragon Boat Festival 21
What Is A Celebration?
Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year is a huge celebration in China and many more country's such as: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Tiawan, Singpore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malysia, Mauritius, and the Philipiens. Chiniese New Year is on the 15th of the first month. There are dragon dances to entertain you also.

Dragon Boat Festival
People put offerings in the water
because they think that if they
do so then it will rain and then
their crops will grow. One of the
reasons why is because an old man called QuYan who jumped off a dragon boat and drowned himself because he couldn't stand to see his country being destroyed by the angry poor. And every year on the same day they race dragon boats in his honer.
This is the end of the celebrations. This Prezi is by: Eloise Agnew in 3A.
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