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Galileo Galei

No description

santi p

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Galileo Galei

Galileo He went to college in 1581 at the university of pisa fact 3 fact 5 Improved telescope in 1609 Fact 8 Galileo was born on February 15,1564 After Galileo graduated he became an astronomer. He later founded modern astronomy Maria Celeste is born on 1600 made the theory of sun not in center of solar system Galei fact 1 fact 2 Compass invented by Galileo! in 1604 (daughter) fact 7 fact 6 fact 9 church did not believe theory in 1633 fact 10 Galileo died with honor in 1642 =( REAT STRONOMER nventor ive long oving xpert dd (used to be) G
o fact 4 Galileo Galei was born on February ,15 1564 in Pisa. He later went to college in 1581 at the university of Pisa.After he graduated he officially became an astronomer. He later invented modern astronomy. In 1600 he mated and had a baby Maria Celeste. 4 years later he invented the useful diffrent compass. Another 5 years later he improved the telescope. (Unknown date(He came up with the theory of the sun not in the center of the solar system. In 1633 the church did not believe him. He later died in 1642.
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